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  1. They do. I have the NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller as well as 1394 Net Adapter. There's also an NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator. All drivers appear to be up to date.
  2. Resolved. This is true. However, I'm still struggling in an effort to get the ethernet to work. Any help would be, as always, hugely appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Update: The rig started right up with peripherals attached. I had to reset CMOS settings and I meant to get my BIOS so I could put it in my sig. I'll do that a.s.a.p. Anyhow, WinXP booted without a problem. Everything seemed to be in order EXCEPT my ethernet. I tried to reinstall the drivers via the LanParty disc I got with the board originally bit it didn't seem to work. I've double checked all connections and at this point, I'm out of ideas.
  4. Awesome. Thanks, ExRoadie. PSU connected, the rig started right up. Albeit, I had no peripherals connected (monitor, keyboard, etc), but at least I have power which is more than I can say with the original psu. You guys rock harder than a million granite quarries. Thanks for everything.
  5. Also, I'm assuming I should not expect the rig to boot up just because I installed a new psu, correct?
  6. Got my new psu installed. I'm currently hooking everything up but before I try a boot I need a reminder on which slots I should have my RAM in (orange or yellow). I had given the rig to our IT Dir for a CMOS clear and I see they're in the orange slots. I don't remember if that's where I had them originally or if they were in the yellow. Thanks all.
  7. Whoops. Did I screw the pooch a little here or is this going to work? The psu I ordered with top-mounted fan: My case with no top-mounted vents: Is this going to work or no? Can I mount the psu upside-down or is that worthless?
  8. Thanks all. You've been most helpful. Surely I'll be back with more questions at some point.
  9. This seems to be a winner, and while nearly double what I was looking at price wise in the Antec, per the 'Recommended' thread, more stable and dependable. Is it overkill if I'm just running a single 6800GS vid card? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817341001 Another question I'm embarassed to ask: Is there a difference between 24 pin and 20+4 pin? Thanks again
  10. Thanks tasr. I'll take a look at some of the others and see what's what. I'm sure I'll be back with more basic questions. -m
  11. I am going to try the new PSU first. Could someone please confirm that this unit will meet my needs? It is on the list of recommended units however, as I've mentioned, I'm completely new to all of this that I'd really appreciate a more educated opinion. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817103937 Also, brace yourself for what is probably the dumbest question you've heard this month. Ready? Here it comes: are PSUs generally universal in size? In other words, do I have to worry whether or not the unit will fit in my case? Ok, sorry for the stupid. In response to tasr's request for my BIOS; yeah, umm, I have no idea. I know where to look for it when the machine is on but with it not on, I have no idea. If it makes the least bit of difference, I've adjusted nothing since the machine's inception. Again, sorry for the dumb.
  12. Nevermind. I found a number for DFI San Jose. I left a message with RMA from which I am expecting no reply.
  13. Hi. So with our Dir of IT, we ran the gamut of CMOS clearing, using both the link in this thread as well as the user's manual from DFI. We came up with nothing. I have gone in search of a DFI support phone number and the only one I came up with isn't working. Can someone please direct me to a number that will work? Much appreciated.
  14. Gotcha. I saw everything at the top of the list that was 700+watts and assumed I was in over my head. There look to be a couple of good ~500W options at reasonable prices down below that will work. Thanks.
  15. Hmm. I'll keep looking. The only thing I know for sure is that it has to be 24 pin. When we start talking about rails and volts and everything else, I'm lost. To give you an idea of my needs, I don't overclock and have no intention of doing so. The most demand I put on the machine is an occassional game of Doom, so clearly I'm not requiring a great deal. Are there particular specs I need to keep in mind? Thanks again. And again. And again. And agaaaaa.....
  16. Thanks. Those are a lot more than I think I need though. I'm thinking more along the lines of this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817103937 Will that meet my needs and is it compatible? I know, another total n00b question. Sorry.
  17. If I have to upgrade my psu, can I get some recommendations? I'm not looking to go overboard, just get something that will get the job done.
  18. Thanks guys. Couple of questions: 1. I did a bundle of research on all the components when I bought them and spoke with many experienced builders, and everything I learned said 450W was more than enough to run whatever. I looked back on the retailer's website for minimum power guidelines for that mb and couldn't find anything. Is there somewhere else I should have looked? 2. If you hadn't already picked up on it, I'm a TOTAL n00b with this stuff. This was my first build and up until this point, it had been greatly successful. However, I don't know what the hell CMOS means. I mean, I've heard/read the term but have never pursued it further. What is it/does it do? Do I lose anything in the process (memory/documents, etc) Sorry for the total n00bish questions. Thanks again for your help.
  19. The short version: Tried to turn the machine on Sunday and nothing happened. No fans, no power, nothing. I opened it up to find an LED light on the board lit, tried to main power button on the board but still got nothing, just the LED light. I spoke with my company's Dir. of IT who said he's seen this a number of times and each time it's been a mb on the fritz. Truth? I'm at work with no chance to look at any warranty info. Is something like this covered? And if so, what particular steps should be followed. Oh, and I purchased the board new from a retailer in November or December. Sorry for the brevity but greatly appreciate any help. Thanks, Michael
  20. I suppose anything's possible. How would I look into that? I went back in and found the temps actually down a bit (1-2 degrees). As far as getting the LAN drivers, I used the link you provided earlier but wasn't able to run anything on the machine. It tells me it needs to extract some files, which it does, but those files are the same as what comes with the download. When I try to run them, nothing happens.
  21. Thanks again for your help. Temps have leveled off a little better but I'm still concerned that I don't see the PSU fan coming on at all. Now I'm having LAN woes. Lovely.
  22. And where can I find a link to download that thermostat program I've seen in some threads I've searched through?
  23. Ok, I switched the case fan on high and slid the Chassis Air Guide more towards the center, creating a little better airflow in front of the main fan. This seems to have helped as idle temps have settled a little: CPU: ~42C PWR: ~43C Chipset: ~44C I'm wondering if I should just remove the 'Air Guide' all together. I also just noticed that the PSU fan is not on. Is there a setting or switch I can hit to turn that on or is it possibly malfunctioning?
  24. I'm definitely not looking to OC. The paste I'm using is some stuff I got at Best Buy last night that I smeared on (after cleaning with mineral spirits - per Arctic Silver's website - ). Dytex or something. The ambient temp here is ~72F. My case fan is set to the lowest setting. I think I'll turn that up a little.
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