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  1. It doesnt matter mate, i got Asus too, later HIS, just to check if GPU cant go higher and there was nothing much different at max clocks. Just get Asus, will be fine.
  2. I get 9850 score with cats 6.8 and both cards oced to 730 Mhz of GPu, dont remember how RAMs was set.
  3. Obliter8 : you mean 9000+ in 3D Mark 06 with stock clocks of CPU + both cards?
  4. I would try any affected game with mastercard then if its ok, you could try it with second card, just to make sure its not problem with cards but probably with crossfire.
  5. Ye installed drivers? i didnt install it, is it really needed? I just put diskette when installation of windows wants it, and that was all, i know i can choose something thru that driver, but when testing sandra with HDD benchie i didnt see any performance decrease.
  6. reinstalled windows with latest beta bios and driver, and no more hiccups, thanks
  7. well for me its probably not PSU related, i tried Tagan 580W and now i got Fortron 700W .. and if i use VGA adapter, its ok, thats the easiest way to use Crossfire. Still i would prefer 7950GX2, less speed but less problems also.
  8. You sure? try to run some game in window, if game support it, does it still shake? You can easily reproduce this shakiness in 2D, just run ati tool and set voltage to 1.4 - 1.45V it will probably start to shake immediately.
  9. Cause i dont want to buy new mobo again and mess with bios another two weeks :-)
  10. and what about my DFI 3200 .. will it run this card? anyone tried? i know its not mentioned on nvidia, but maybe someone tried
  11. for me it was like this Mastercard over DVI port + DVI cable = no shake Mastercard over masterport + dongle + DVI cable = shake Mastercard over masterport + dongle + DVI cable + running world of warcraft or hitman blood money in window = no shake Mastercard + dongle + DVI with voltage set directly to 1.325V or 1.545V = no shake, anything between these voltage shake Mastercard + dongle + DVI-VGA adapter + VGA cable = no shake, waves on background Mastercard + dongle + DVI-VGA adapter + VGA cable + increasing 0.400Mhz thru powerstrip = no shake, no wave, no AVIVO functions, non-native resolutions are stretched alot info is here also http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=181125&page=1 I tried all suggestions .. even from ATI, didnt worked. Not like the way i wanted. So Geforce 7950GX2 is my next card.
  12. When i enabled ULI throttle, then loading windows takes like 4x times more compared when its was disabled, and also anything that i wanted to run in windows was really slow.
  13. Thats normal in crossfire mode, ATI knows about it, but i dont know how fast it will be fixed, if you need it.
  14. If i turn off ACPI in bios, i cant even get to windows, so first time i got problem with sound when some data was copied on background for example, installing game, sound randomly slowing down, so then i reinstalled windows, and now it does when my downloading is at max (200KB/s) more speed, more slowdown, isnt this mobo great? one network card stopped to work, dont know why either. Soundcard shows that it share IRQ (21) with something, but i cant find with what, it doesnt show.
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