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  1. Anyone have this thing? I'm having problems with controlling the colors, fan speed, and temperatures in the V1.0 software that is attainable from their website. Everything else works like controling the volume. I have reset it by clicking on the red dot on the software. Both of the usb cables coming of the back are plugged in. I get beeps at start up and then it goes back to its default color which is blue. I can't figure this thing out.
  2. Not for me. It overheats while playing some games such as NFS most wanted and BF2. Anyone else know if it will work?
  3. Would a Zalman VF700Cu fit my evga 7800gtx KO? I would have to take the stock heatsink cover off correct? Would it be in the way of my second card if I decide to go for SLI? I have an LP nF4 DR SLI mobo.
  4. Haven't tried remounting it yet but will do tommorow, and the fan is blowing at the heatsink.
  5. Ok i shall try to remount it. I have put the stock cooler that came with the cpu and it went down to 40c at medium load. I might have mounted the xp120 off a little or maybe it just wasnt making direct contact. THx for the help everyone. Btw what heatsink/fan combo does everyone recommend?
  6. I think I found out why my games are crashing. My cpu idles at 50C and goes up over 60C once I put on a game causing it to crash after a few seconds! I have an xp-120 and a 120mm fan on it and it still runs hot. Do 4800+ run hot? What can I do to make it go down? Should I try put the stock heatsink that came with the cpu?
  7. Alright thx a lot , will try it. Hopefully it works (fingers crossed).
  8. Does it take that long? Is there anything else I can do, I would hate to wait till tommorow. btw how do ytou know its done?
  9. I remember seeing a link for memtest but can't find it. Can you give me a link and I will try it out.
  10. Hi all, I have just finished putting together my system. I have the following parts as listed in my sig. DFI Lanparty dr SLI, 4800+ Toledo, pc power cooling 850 SSI, Evga 7800gtx KO, Plextor PX-740A dvd/cd RW, 2 sticks of OCZ titanium edition, Thermalright xp-120 and Creatives Xfi elite pro. I have updated the Bios to the newer 623.. version and everything works fine except my games. Everytime I get into a game, BF2 for example and start a map even in single player the screen freezes after just a couple seconds. My settings are just about maxed out. I have installed all of the drivers from the cds for just about every piece of hardware I put in and it still keeps happening. Anyone know whats going on? Help would me very much appreciated.
  11. Thx it did work now but I stumbled against another problem. Everything seems to be working fine except my games. Everything seems to be freezing just after a few seconds of gameplay. It is described a little better in my other post.
  12. I did try a ps2 keyboard and the same thing happens. The screen dissapears really quickly. At what point should i be pressing the delete key? Is it right after the logo dissapears or ?
  13. Hi everyone I have just finished building my computer and after the DFI logo disappears i am not able to press anything including the delete key or any of the F keys, it just skips right over that and goes into windows. The screen after the logo says Nvidia Raid. Do I need to update my Bios ? I think it said 2004.
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