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  1. i have my 3700+ san diego rock solid at 2.81 GHz (255x11) with a huge 120mm zalman copper heatsink. the volts are at 1.55v. goes along nicely with my evga 7800gt co at 516/1250
  2. do you think i need to upgrade my ram to be on par with the rest of my system and if so...to what?
  3. I have all the components and clocks in my sig. the only thing im worried about is my cheapo kingston valueram. cpu-z says its running at 163 mhz. im pretty savy with everthing other than memory, which continues to boggle me. my sandy (the best cpu ever created by man) idles at about 38 and loads at around 49-50. is this too much and should i slow the system down or is there room for more overclocking. just let me know what you guys think.
  4. if you leave HTT multiplier on auto will it automaticaly change to the best setting
  5. would it be safe to go up to 1.55 volts?, cuz thats all my current bios will support. It would be sweet to get to 3.0 GHz
  6. anyone have an idea what the max voltage you could put on a 3700 sandy. my mobo goes to 1.55 i think, but im worried that might hurt it. my huge zalman heatsink holds 2.81 GHz at about 41 load so i can go a little higher as long as its not going to hurt anything, suggestions?
  7. mine was a little iffy at 2.7 but then i just knock the voltage up a few steps and it runs flawlessly at 2.8
  8. I found it, the bios revision is v 1008 but im about to try to flash it to 1009
  9. I'm fairly sure its v1.0. I just bought it and i haven't flashed so whatever comes stock. I get to that screen that says " Disk Boot Failure...." and i press enter and it spins up my floppy drive and then the message comes back up. So should i try to create windows setup disks or maybe flash the bios. I tried to install windows on my hard drive with another computer but i just got the same message. I would imagine it because its a different mobo. yeah, deathman, if you get a chance, read the message i sent you
  10. Would it work to format or install windows xp on my raptor, on another computer and then stick it in? I'm just confused why it wont simply boot from my cdrom drive when i set it to 1st priority.
  11. I have a brand new Western digital 36 Gb raptor, and a used sony combo drive. I set the cdrom drive and then the hdd in boot priority but even when my windows cd is in i get that message
  12. sorry guys, it isnt a dfi board, but youve all been so damn helpful in the past, i figured i'd give it a try. I just got all the stuff in my sig today and put it together. Everything powered up fine, though the bios did not recognize my 36GB Raptor. I had it in the wrong plug but i later fix that. The next problem was the board freezing up and then not posting, but it randomnly started working again and has been fine for a while now. My main problem is no matter what i do, the computer still tries to boot from a floppy, even when i tell it to boot from cdrom and that there is no floppy drive. The mobo recognizes both my sony combo drive and my raptor but I just get the message "Disk Boot Failure, Please Insert Boot Disk and Press Enter" I have a few screenshots to help you understand what im going through....thanks for the help in advance. I hope you can help because ive been out a computer for 5 months now and this set back is highly irriatating - i guess the pics dont work, let me know if you think you can help, ill email you the pics
  13. but will 4x512 run faster or slower than 2x1024?
  14. Does 2 sticks of 512 memory run faster that one stick of 1GB (with the same timings)?
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