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  1. Memtest runs fine sometimes, other times fails at stage 8. Haven't ran it recently, I'll try and post results later.
  2. It's a cheap Antec PSU that came with the case I got. It should be able to support the system I have just fine though.
  3. I've been getting constant blue screens since I got my motherboard, several times a day. Originally I assumed it was the memory and got it replaced. I still had issues, so I replaced it again for a different brand. Since then, I also got a different video card, and I'm still bluescreening. All of my drivers appear to be up to date. I'm not sure what the problem is. The bluescreen detects a problem in nv4something.dll, which I assume has to do with the motherboard. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  4. I've had a few problems involving memory with this board. Couldn't get Corsair RAM to work at all, so I switched to Mushkin. Now it's kind of working, but I seem to bluescreen quite often. Ran Memtest and test #8 seems to always fail. Apparently, that is usually caused by a timing issue with the RAM, but I am not sure where the option to change it is in the BIOS or what to change it to. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Wooohooo! It appears to be working! YAAAAY USB 2, it's so fast! Whooosh
  6. Whoa I completely misread your post the first time. OK I did what you said and it seems to detect USB2 just fine... But it still seems ridiculously slow. Is there a way to measure how fast it's actually transfering or something? Thanks for all the help by the way
  7. I remember installing all of the necessary drivers from the CD that came with the mobo. I decided to pop the CD in and take a look anyway, and see that there are no drivers listed for USB 2. Is there a place I can get these online?
  8. It seems that all of my USB 2 ports are recognized as USB 1. I need to transfer 80 GB worth of data from my portable harddrive, and with USB 1 this will take days I have USB 2 enabled in the BIOS, and I'm running WinXP Pro with SP2. Has anyone had a similar problem?
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