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  1. Been using the Officials for a few days now as they were upped on rapidshare, they are working well for me.
  2. Not sure on the temp for the CPU, when i had the RDX200 my 3500+ used to idle at about 31, and thats under an Arctic Cooler Freezer 64 pro running at only 1600rpms, but on my new board, the Asus A8R-MVP, its idling at about 40, and all ive changed is the board.
  3. RDX200 is the old chipset RD480 with the terrible SB450 Southbridge, which gives poor USB speeds, no SATA2 etc... the 3200 is the new RD580 chipset, and uses the ULI Southbridge that doesn't have any problems, and is also faster as being the latest chipset so go for that the 3200. There will be loads of guides etc... in here to help you out if you get a bit lost, and loads of ppl also to help.
  4. Yeah all motherboards are compatible with the PhysX cards, but i wouldn't get one as they drop your frame-rates by about 50fps. :nod:
  5. Yeah 6.3's or even 6.2's, as said above a lot of ppl are having issues with the 6.4's, or you could wait a couple of days as the 6.5's are gona be released so could be worth a try as well..
  6. Not sure about the freezes, but the random restarts i think is a feature of that board, i to suffered from it when i had that board also, as do a lot of ppl, and i could'nt find a solution at all, i tried all the tips of how to stop it, but no it would still restart, different board now though with no problems at all. I think theres a thread somewhere that has some options you could try to stop the restarts, but i can't find it now.
  7. Yeah awesome cooler, run mine at only 1600rpms and it keeps my 3500+ at about 31-32 idle, and about 36-37 underload.
  8. Yeah its normal, those are the 2D speeds, it picks up when gaming.
  9. Its the 6.4's, its got nothing to do with the motherboard at all, its not a problem its just a corrupted screen that flashes on for about 2 secs just before the windows logon screen, the drivers work perfect.
  10. Should be getting higher for sure, i get over 8.5k in 05 on my rig, did you have V-sync off, and as said above make sure its in the right slot and running at its full 16x.
  11. Ahh yes my mistake, i thought he was on about the new 3200 one. DOH!!. I forgot id changed mobos LMAO. :nod:
  12. Comes with the ULI, the southbridge drivers on the ATi site won't have installed as they are for their poor SB450. :confused:
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