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  1. Long story short, I think it was my router. I apologize to all those who told me otherwise. I forgot that I used a motorolla wireless router before, and never had problems with it. Now I just got a WRT54G and it seems to have solved all the problems. Some of you told me so.
  2. I guess I was wishful thinking. The firefox extension did nothing for my problem :mad:
  3. hm, I'm now running the extension for firefox called "FasterFox" and it seems to be letting me browse while using BT on popular torrents (Family Guy backups for instance). This could be my solution.
  4. You didn't answer me if you have been downloading from a popular torrent or not. In my scenario, a torrent with 2 seeds and no peers won't likely mess up my internet. But one with 100 seeds, and 200 peers will.
  5. Yes but if you were after performance you might consider two 15k rpm drives as the OS partition. Anyway, back on topic please.
  6. Well you don't need a 500gb drive to store data is all I'm saying. I usually hop on the 160gb drive deals for under $30 which is like 19 cents a gig. But I don't raid them since it doesn't help me store data any better. As is I can hotswap the drives or put them into an external enclosure and take them on the go without any hassle. If I wanted to do the same with a raid array, it wouldn't be too easy.
  7. With a popular torrent, or one simply downloading off <5 people? I'd suggest you get in on a torrent such as Lord of War or Harry Potter to see how it holds up.
  8. It's not the ports. I've used the same ports on other sites, and other people use the same ports without the problems. The ports I use are what TorrentBytes requires. Some sites don't allow the basic BT ports. The problem is in the amount of connections I am receiving. If I limit to 10, I usually am fine with web browsing. If I boost it to 100, I lose connectivity, but gain speeds on BT usually. The people with the routers crashing are a tid-bit different of a problem I believe. I'm going to give up on this whole issue come next week when my new MSI NF2 board comes, in which I'll be setting that comp up to do my downloading. (it had an asus nf2 board in it before, and I never once had these downloading issues.)
  9. Well in my opinion, a 500gb C drive is overkill. But to each their own.
  10. I don't recall anyone calling anyone else stupid. I said "don't you think its stupid?". Running a raid0 array for 2x250gb drives offers no real performance gain. With that amount of data (500gb, if filled) if one drive goes out, he loses it all. To me thats not worth the risk. Now a raid0 array on 2 smaller drives for the OS would be beneficial. But they wouldn't be used for simply storage.
  11. I noticed you're running two raid0's with 4 250gb drives total-- don't you think thats kinda stupid? Lose one, you lose a whole raid array. I'm sure you're using the hitachis as the OS array, but still seems stupid Oh, and when did you get on your 2405fpw deal?
  12. I've flashed to the newest firmware, and use different BT ports so my ISP doesn't catch drift of what I'm downloading. (as easily)
  13. Previous to this reinstall I was. But to me it seems like the swarm of simultaneous incoming connections makes it nearly impossible to make new outbound connections (http, for example). Try to hop on a popular torrent (Harry Potter, for example) that has a lot of seeds. It seems to me the more people trying to send me data, the more likely to lose connection I am. mr_dimsum: yes, I have tried on a PATA drive, and disabled my raid array entirely to see if that could be the issue, alas it was not.
  14. I have a motorola surfboard SB5100 with Comcast service. I'm willing to try unlocking it. Any useful links? But again I stress the fact I never had this issue on my other build running the same Windows version, same router. Doing virtually the same stuff with it too.
  15. I don't think it is a router issue, since I've experienced it while connected straight to the net from the modem. With Bit Torrent, if I limit the connections per torrent to 10 it doesn't give me the issue (as often anyway). So lately I've just been downloading one at a time (which is probably a better idea anyhow). But, when I'm playing a game like BattleField 2 with more than 30 players in it, I lag up when connecting and even disconnect and have to rejoin the game again. Pretty frustrating since I built this comp to be able to play online games haha..
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