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  1. @PL4YD34D No.The prob. isnt that. They work stable:230*10=2300MHZ,230:2-2-2-5 3.05V (10/10). They dont work: 255*10=2550MHZ,232:2-2-2-5 3.2V (9/10). I tried 255*10=2550MHZ,255:2-2-2-5 3.35V (10/10),and work stable. if i choose 10/10 they work,but 9/10 or lower they dont work. NOT:Which slots can i use?orange or yellow?
  2. Hi,i've new bh5 modules.i've been using 6.23's bios. My rams work properly 3.05V and 230*10 :230MHZ(1/1) but, they dont work 3.2V and 255*10:232 MHZ (9/10). Why dont they work?(i'm using 255*10,232MHZ 2.5-3-3-7)
  3. I have a live! 5.1 DE.Which is the better?Onboard or live?
  4. I run prime95 almost 6 hours and tested 3d marks.It wasn't fail any tests.So what can i do?Do you have any idea for this problem?
  5. Thanks for reply. I will run prime95 7-8 hours.I run 3d mark 01,03 and 05 so i didn't have any problem for my syst. 12V:11.96 3.3V:3.28 5V:5.13 When i run super pi,12V down to 11.9V. My PSU isn't new.I used it to my old P4 system and i don't have any problem.
  6. Sometimes my pc shot-down itself.Play a game or sorf internet.So what is the problem? [email protected] idle:30,load:42 [email protected](2.5-3-3-7) Vcore:1.61,ldt 1.2,nb 1.5. Tagan 480W
  7. Thanks.Do you propose any different bios for me? EDIT:Okay i see it.Thanks again.
  8. İ have revoltek ramsink.Is it enough for daily usage?
  9. Is the 6.23.3 true bios for this configuration?And 3.2V or higher, is it dangerous for daliy usage.
  10. I have ninja cpu cooler.And it's very big,so orange slot so close the cooler.It'snt possibly.
  11. My PSU's Tagan black edition 480W.12V line:11.9.
  12. Hi.I have A64 3200(venice),DFI lanparty ult-d and 2*512 twinmos(1A4T). When i start prime 95(only for CPU) it's pass,but small ftt crash.So i did test memtest and Super pi 32M and result is pass.So where is the problem? 3200(260*10),Bios(6.23.3)and yellow slots,2*512(1A4T)@236 MHZ(2.5-3-3-7 3.0V).
  13. Hi,i have a lanparty ult-d.Which nforce can i download for this card?6.70 or 6.82?Thanks.
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