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  1. yeah, I guess I'm not that fussed about OCing, just want a stable quiet fast computer. You don't think that DFI is suitable for my needs? - what mobo's / manufacturers do you suggest I look at? I'm not bothered about SLI, but I'd quite like the features of the NF4 chipset.
  2. Yeah that was a fairly stupid question to ask on a DFI enthusiast board.. anyway, I'm in the market to build a pc for the first time, the main question I have for you guys, bear in mind that I am a bit of a newbie, I've been lurking around for ages - finally taking the plunge: The deciding factors for me buying a motherboard rest on: 1) support / community (sorted here - it seems like a tight helpful place) 2) quietness I would have preferred a passive cooling on a northbridge (as I REALLY would like a very quiet pc) As heatpipe passive solutions are out of my price range, I'm considering several options, one of them is the Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D Could any users of this motherboard here let me know their experiences with the NB fan - loudness etc.. I noticed one particular thread which mentioned a defective NB fan (a bit disconcerting) has this been resolved? The rest of the (main parts of the) system I am getting: AMD 3500+ Venice XFX Nvidia 6600gt OCZ 3500 1gb gamers gold Seagate 7200.9 SATA Would these components make any difference to loudness of the NB fan? Any other comments would be much appreciated I guess I'm asking you guys to sell it to me, be honest though Many thanks for your time by the way I am also looking at the Gigabyte GA K8N amongst others
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