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  1. I want to get watercooling and the Radiator I want is a Black Ice Micro 2 will it be enough to cool 1 7800GT and an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Sk. 939 already OC'ed at 2.8 All of parts will come from Danger Den Store I really don't want to use the Black Ice Extreme 3 afraid not enough room without modding
  2. I built mine witha 420W PSU from raidmax that also came with my case and everything went fine nothing wrong but I have since upgraded to a 580W Aerocool Turbine Power PSU and still I didn't notice any difference so I say go for it it won't hurt unless it is super bad quality. -Psorian
  3. Why the dab of AS5 that seems kinda noobish to me I always spread the thermal compund on with a razor you do not want to just dab it on there metal on metal is alot more conductive than metal on AS5 on metal you want to fill in the microscopic scratches and spaves not to just "smush" it on. Try it and you will see a difference if you don't believe me. -Psorian
  4. I can't get smart-speed to show temps and the voltages are screwed up it worked fine in XP Home 32bit but now that I have XP 64 bit it doesn't work obviously the problem is windows but is there any patch or update I have looked to no results. -Psorian
  5. I have found that 64bit is perfect true some drivers cannot be found but give it time i upgraded from XP Home to Pro 64 and I have noticed a higher score in 3DMark 05 and pretty much stable I have a highly OC'ed 64 3200+ and It works great but there is one problem the Smart-Fan utility that came with my DFI LanParty NF4-Ultra d does not read temperatures for anything and the wrong voltages help would be appreciated but in time i think drivers will be out. -Psorian
  6. {xxx I have heard of the suspicion that some g-cards might not fit with the fan because it is above ATX Standard but I have never heard of a problem I have a 7800GT and there shouldn't be a problem with any video card I have swapped out old ones and there was no damge present i wouldn't worry about it -Psorian
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