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  1. Hi Guys Just an interesting thing i've found. My expert board would not run stable in any configuration i set up, single graphics card, SLI etc all produced inconsistent unreliable operation, tweaked everything with no luck at all, so i decided to pack it up and wait... When i saw an updated BIOS on the DFI site i dragged the expert out for another try !!!! This BIOS http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/BIOS/NF4ED406.EXE Has my system running 24hour prime stable in both configurations, i don't know what but the difference with this BIOS is amazing, if you are uncertain, give it a try.... It made an amazing difference to my SLI-DR Expert and my rig !!!! Hope this helps Shadow....
  2. Hi JB I thought that when i built my first SLI rig but the advantage of SLI over a single card is no where near double. I've always found my SLI rig was only good for 10-15fps over a single card. Before you scrap the install and start over try a different driver and check your scores... My SLI rig ran at its fastest with WHQL 81.95's Are you aware of a program called "Driver Cleaner" its very important to use this as display drivers that are not uninstalled correctly can cause may issues with the display performance. Just punch it into google and you'll see somewhere to get it from its a free download as well If you've not used it grab a copy, let me know and i'll tell you how to use it. Its very important to make sure the drivers are completely removed. Good Luck...
  3. Hi jimmydrac Firstly be sure and enable advanced properties in the control panel gives you more settings to tweak for better performance. The driver i use has an option towards the bottom of the list for single GPU/Multi GPU rendering, when you select multi GPU rendering you then get option of alternate1, alternate2, split frame etc. Be wary of your Vertical Sync setting as well, if your using a CRT monitor this will kill your frame rates and thus benchmark scores. If you have an LCD enabling it will give better performance. Also do you have Coolbits 2 installed ??? Its a registry setting that adds options to the GPU control panel. I get just under 8000 in 3DMark06 with 2 cards in SLI, haven't run in single card setup yet. That's with a x2 4400+ OC'ed from 2.2 to 2.45Ghz You like the Expert board ???? mine gave a few glitches with 2 cards in SLI but that could have been a bios problem, runs great with one card, will upgrade to the new bios shortly, hope everything doesn't go backwards when i do. Have you run other benches, 3DM06 makes even very hot hardware grind to a halt...
  4. Hey Man I found exactly the same thing when comparing my SLI rig and 3DMark scores. My scores with 2 7800GTX's in SLI were not much better in those benches than when i removed one of the cards. Around 1500-2000 points..... I doub't i'll be paying that kind of money for 2 cards to run in SLI again, though the true value of SLI is realised at high resolutions and AA/AF settings. Particularly when Dual GPU cards are on the way. My expert boards runs a lot more stable with one card as well. A6437 is right with 2 cards be sure and enable Alternate or split frame rendering, you will find some games will run better with one or the other. Catch Ya Shadow...
  5. My Crucial Ballistix is 2.8v and my OCZ Gold VX is 3.2v i have run both in the yellow slots all the time, never even thought to try the orange ones... LOL
  6. Hi Acarrera The rig never crashed, hung, BSOD once at these settings during anything i did, all the latest games BF2 "which i luv as you can probably tell from my sig...LOL", FEAR, COD2, HL2, Doom3, CSS, Quake 4 etc.... It idles at 24 degrees celsius and never got much higher than 32 degrees with a zalman 7700Cu cooler setup. My case cooling is good, 2 x 120mm fans and 3 x 80mm fans. I know what you mean the 7800's are right over the Chipset, i did see the temp go up a bit, but my stacker has all the fans drawing air out and this sucks a huge volume of air through the large mesh grille in the side and up from the mesh in the bottom. I had a window side panel for it with a fan installed and it cooled nowhere near as well as the side panel with just the mesh grille. catch ya
  7. Hi Guys Why does it make a difference which slots your Dimms are in... I have always just stuck mine in the yellow sockets, is it worth trying them in the others or only if your having problems ????? :confused:
  8. Hi Man Yeah this was with a san diego 4000+ OC to 2.75Ghz and OCZ Gold VX PC4000 at 11 x 250 Just got my 4400+ and Crucial up and going Gonna hang on to other cpu and RAM for second system, wanna build a really small system to take to LAN events and stuff, in like a mini case with 2 x 6600GT's
  9. Okay cool thanks Ace Yeah i'm clocked to 2.52Ghz with my 4400+ so i'll leave it disabled
  10. Hi Guys Sorry if this has been covered, i couldn't find anything about it... What are the Spread Spectrum Options and what do they do, i've noticed them in the bios of my SLI-DR.. Do they impact on performance in any way??? What should they be set at..
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