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  1. In a previous message you said that simply removing 1 dimm restored your performance. Was that using the same nforce/forceware drivers?
  2. I am not currently using RAID, and so I didn't opt to install the IDE drivers. However, I have used the drivers without RAID before, and I didn't have any of the above problems, nor did I notice any difference in performance.
  3. Try a strip size of 16. Most games use a whole lot of small files to operate, so a smaller cluster/strip size will probably yield the best performance in games. I wouldn't recommend changing the default NTFS cluster size of 4, it's more of a headache than it's worth, and you probably won't notice it playing games.
  4. Before you start pulling the hair out of your head, grab your friends card and try it in your machine. I presume that his card is unmodded?
  5. I would say the majority of RAM I have ever purchased has looser SPD timings than advertised, specifically the CAS latency. I usually have to set that manually. For example, I have 2 1G sticks of OCZ Platinum 2-3-2-5 DDR400 but the SPD timings set it for 2.5. I also have 2 512MB sticks of Corsair XMS 2-3-2-6.. again, the SPD timings set it for 2.5 so I had to change it manually.
  6. I am curious, what error message(s) did Windows give you the first time you ran 3DMark? And did you notice the performance issue in the first 2 3DMark tests? Those first two tests should run pretty smooth. Also how long while you are playing games before the performance starts to degrade? If it's immediately, I suspect it is not the affinity problem. But with your dual core processor, you should learn about the affinity problem and get used to running your games on a single core if you have a game performance issue. By the way that is a good 3DMark score for your system.
  7. Yes surprisingly enough I called newegg and they said if I refuse the shipment they will give me a full refund, including the overnight shipping! Thank god for small things.
  8. I have some parts for sale if anyone is interested: DFI NF4 SLI-DR 623-3 purchased on 11/7/05 $175 - Used from 11/7 to 12/1 AMD 3800+ boxed retail CPU purchased on 11/29/05 $275 - used for 2 hours Manufacturer part #ADA3800BPBOX (Stepping E3) Package deal: $425 I used these parts in troubleshooting a problem with my system, which unfortunately turned out to be my $500 LCD monitor. Hopefully someone out there is in need of one or both of these parts. They both work perfect. The 3800 was never overclocked and the CPU and heat sink are clean of any thermal material. I'll also throw in the rest of my AS5 tube which should have enough left for at least 1 or 2 more applications. Both in original boxes and packaging.
  9. The problem exists with and without Vsync. The problem is not tearing, its a stuttering. And like I said, it doesn't happen on other LCD or CRT monitors that I have hooked up. Only this one. If my monitor cannot even handle the stupid spinning cube from the directx diagnostic program, well.. it's either broken or this is the worst monitor I've ever used!
  10. The same stuttering occurs with the 3 foot DVI cable that came with the monitor, as well as the analog cable. I've tried different cables as well. And yes, the video card IS factory sealed. I ordered it yesterday and it hasn't even been delivered yet. But if I return it to newegg they will charge me a restocking fee.
  11. Here is something you can try: When you get into safe mode, click Start, RUn, and type MSCONFIG in the run box. Click the "Startup" tab and deselect everything there, and reboot without going into safe mode. If you can get into Windows, at that point, run MSCONFIG again , go back to the startup tab, and check one thing on the list, reboot, see if you can get into windows. Keep repeating this procedure until you see that popup box again. When it happens, go back into safe mode and uncheck the last program you checked in the startup tab. That last program you checked is the one that is causing your problem. Hope this helps.
  12. The only thing that changed was the first time I tested the other monitors, I tested them in GAMES, which have problems of their own. This time I just used the DXDIAG test, and the cube spins smoothly on the other monitors. I also brought this 20" Envision monitor with me to work and hooked it up to a P4 2.8 with GF 5950 Ultra, ran DXDIAG and displayed the cube on my 19" Viewsonic LCD: smooth as butter. Disconnected Viewsonic, hooked up the Envision, rebooted, ran DXDIAG: SAME STUTTERING as I was experiencing at home. It's DEFINITELY the monitor. I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW I COULD KILL SOMEONE. Does anyone want to buy an AMD 3800+ that was used for 2 hours and a DFI NF4 SLI-DR that was used for 3 weeks? I really don't feel like putting the DFI back in my case... the Abit KN8 SLI performs just as well, and it even runs cooler than the DFI. AMD 3800+ $250 NF4 SLI-DR $150 EVGA 7800 GTX factory sealed $450
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