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  1. yea its hz. it starts to get shakey around 564ish and the memory controller on the opty isnt as good as some so thats why im using the lower htt, i probably shouldve played with voltages more tho. 280x10 @ 1:1 would be nice tho, although effin [email protected] with his 35X htt 165's hitting 3.1ghz/core stable was pretty crazy.
  2. i know, ive bought and sold here before and on ocforums. i actually sold a DD complete watercooling set up on here a while back, you can do a search for my name or pm: s10man69. im not in a big hurry to sell, just hoping maybe i can get someone who wants to upgrade from a 754 or looking to buy a whole system or something.
  3. yea, $1400 for just the opty and then ill throw everything else in for free . sorry, ive been out of the sport for a while and i dont want a bunch of high end computer components just sitting around ya know? i turned my machine back to stock a few monthes ago and havent even played a game or done anything intensive since. even my other machine has a 148 @ 3ghz and a gig of el plat rev. 2 in there. im just worried that people will flake on buying certain things if i part it out
  4. AMD DUAL CORE Opteron 170 (2.0ghz dual core + 1mb l2 cache x 2, zalman cpu cooler, can hit 2.7ghz stable/core) DFI Ultra D motherboard (enthusiast mobo, 100's of tweak settings) 2GB G.skill ddr500 memory (2x1gb sticks dual channel, low latency, can hit ddr560) EVGA 256mb 7900gt video card (zalman vga cooler) WD 250gb sata2 16mb hard drive (fast + lots of storage) Soundblaster X-fi soundcard (awesome quality sound- gaming, multimedia, etc) OCZ 520w Powerstream PSU (power anything you need + 5 yr warranty) Lian Li PC-V1000B+ case (sleek, black, aluminum case, great design and stylish) Asus dvd drive (quiettrack) Pioneer DVD+-RW Dual layer (+- media, very fast and error free burns) Zalman fan speed controller (compromise between quietness and temps) Lian-Li temperature monitor (monitor your temperatures from an lcd screen) Uv blue sleeved PSU (lots of hours have been spent customizing this case) Uv blue sleeved all internal wires in case UV blue sata, ide cables, etc Blue led fans on CPU cooler (zalman), GPU cooler (zalman), memory cooler (crab) and intake/exhaust fans. Way too many things to list in customization. Comes with tons of extra cables and parts and all the parts that came originally with each individual component. $1400 (+ exact shipping if out of deliverable area) via cash or money order. my paypal is down right now cuz they have a bunch of halfwits working in their customer service department. ebay: l337_furniture heat: zeimbo computer is in san diego near SDSU area. spent nearly $3000 on this computer about 6 monthes ago. all high end and warrantied components that were NOT purchased at frys. everything performing speedily and flawlessly. i have 2 computers, dont game or do multimedia as much as i used to so this has to go. this computer turns all the heads at lan parties and really glows vibrant blue in the dark. im sure you all know how sweet the system is- its been a while since ive logged on here but i need this thing gone to finish out my car project. if you pay for shipping, ill also include a logitech keyboard, logitech g7 cordless laser mouse, and klipsch 2.1 computer speakers + a bunch of misc stuff/extras for the computer. hard drive will be freshly formatted with no o/s. the 3dmark scores in my sig are with some oldschool drivers, im sure the card can get much better scores with updated drivers. and also, the raptor x's are NOT included. thanks. brian @ 619.892.1672 or [email protected]
  5. damn i wish you hadnt sold the 300.4 already cuz i would be all over it like white on rice. i need something other than my alpine deck to power my mbquart components and i had my amp rack cut the exact length for the 1000.1 and a 300.4 as well. let me know if you are gonna be parting anything else out. cant believe no one has scooped this thing up yet, if i hadnt just spent over $500 on performance parts, i would probably get this and another w7 :nod:
  6. yea, ive got my 12w7 in a prowedge box but im currently building a custom ported box for it. ive got 30sqft of dynamat in the back of my trunk and my whole hatch is dyanmatted as well. i may end up doing a false floor with 3 sqft. this thing is a true 1000w amp
  7. just to let everyone know, these retail at tweeter for $999 and they go online for about $650-$700 and most stores cost on them is right around $575-$600. this is a good deal, ive got one pushing a 12" jl w7 and it pounds. this amp is very powerful, it will dim your headlights and you will need a big sub for this thing to power. good luck with your sale, someone is getting a good butt deal.
  8. SOLD! enjoy s10man, i will ship it out tomorrow. thanks and please leave me some heat under: zeimbo when you get a chance, thanks again
  9. pending.. my crystal ball says that s10man may see very low temps in his near future..
  10. yea, ive still got all the parts
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