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  1. I have an unopened, new in retail box, 165 CCBWE 0534SPMW I will sell you. Price is $345 + shipping. (exact price I paid for it, not making a profit just don't need it) Let me know if you're interested and I will find out the shipping costs. Also, the only method of payment I accept is paypal (safest for both of us)
  2. For Sale: Unopened, new in retail box, AMD s939 Opteron 148 CABNE 0528GPMW. As you all are probably aware, the CABNE 0528 was the first stepping for the Opterons, typically showing the highest OC yields. Asking $360.
  3. Heya folks, I'm building a new gaming system and I wasn't sure which RAM to get. I'm using a DFI Ultra-D and Opteron 148 CABNE, and I don't want my RAM to be the bottleneck of my OC performance. Upon looking at both the G.Skill Extreme 2Gb Kit and the Crucial Ballistix 2Gb kit, the only difference I could see between the two was $50. Of course I know the reputation of Ballistix, but I would like to know how the G.Skill performs comparitively. The extra $50 could go towards a better video card if the G.Skill is somewhat similar.
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