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  1. Unreal Tournament's gonna win that again (last time was in 1999)
  2. i had this problem with the vista install... i went into the bios and disabled the nvidia raid and sata raid controllers because i wasn't running anything in raid. the windows xp and vista installers can read normal sata drives fine for me.
  3. whoa, i just installed vista and all the problems go away. they're still there in winxp though.
  4. here's one i had bookmarked: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=82074
  5. i tried to use acronis disk director to split an empty partition and apparently there were some bad sectors that the disk check didn't turn up (how's that, i don't know). so instead of a 233GB -> 200GB(files+freespace) + 33GB(freespace) i wound up with a single 120GB (all freespace that was available) partition in the original's place. there's a missing partition (with all the files) that isn't showing up. Acronis shows the partition as the original 233GB with 120GB free but Windows shows a empty 120GB partition. anyway i can get it back? aside from sending the drive to a recovery place... i don't think anything that important was on there, but i'm not sure
  6. Just flashed to the latest BIOS and no dice. =
  7. just a heads up for those who are getting these cards, or already have them. apparently there's a laundry list of bugs/problems with the 8800 series cards and various games (see nvidia/nvnews forums). my own problems have been with framerate drops and stuttering in UT2004 and according to the nvidia/nvnews forums, this happens in all the Unreal 2-engined games. the stuttering problem allegedly is fixed in Vista, though i haven't been able to test that yet.
  8. considering how cheap you can get an 8800GTS right now (i got mine for $300 shipped off eBay), i wouldn't spend the $500+ on a GTX. what games will need it?
  9. Replaced my DFI Expert with an Asus A8N32-SLI. Reinstalled XP without any problems, then tried reinstalling Vista on the other partition. Install went fine, it rebooted... then just hung at a black screen immediately. Never even made it to the little scrolling green bar. Any ideas? I tried installing again while loading the IDE drivers and disabled RAID/SATAlink in the BIOS (even though they're XP drivers) and it still got the black screen. Reset BIOS to all defaults, and still the same.
  10. hm, i gotta get rid of it soon, i need the money. how's $60 shipped sound? (if you can pay immediately via paypal) pm me if interested
  11. hm. what should "SB to NB Frequency" be set at? it's at 2X by default. but i changed my FSB to 250MHz
  12. lol, its in my sig. a8n32-sli. booted up with the 8800gts no problems
  13. hm. how much voltage do you think i could run with water cooling? if i can keep it cool at 1.5v (which i have in the winter with the tornado turned up all the way), it'll run stable at 2.8GHz. i've had it at 2.9 but it would fail prime95 on one core.
  14. yup, tried that. i think it's something with the CMOS/BIOS, but i can't be arsed to try a proper long CMOS reset, or a new battery/bios chip/whatever. how does $75 shipped (USPS priority w/insurance) sound? i have the original driver CD and i/o faceplate. has a proper retention bracket but the screws are of the wrong size, so hope your heatsink came with some
  15. CCBWE 0534SPMW what's the most you've gotten out of it, or heard of anyone getting out of it with air and/or water? what do you suppose the best results on water would be?
  16. The board, for some reason, won't work with my 8800GTS but works with my old 7800GTX fine. It posts fine, but halts at the RAID screen during boot (when i was fooling around trying to get it to recognize the 8800GTS). If you think you can fix it and want it, lemme know and give me a offer. ebay userid: chandwaq
  17. oh yeah, and when it says 'overclock failed' on boot, it will reset the CPU to 2.0GHz (its rated speed) and actually get DDR 500 (250MHz Memclock) but use 3-5-4-10 timings even though i still have 3-4-4-8 manually set into there EDIT: nm, figured it out eventually
  18. i can't make heads or tails of what these bios settings are for (coming from a DFI board)... it's an A8N32-SLI Deluxe i'd like to put the CPU FSB frequency at 250, and the memory at 250 (DDR 500), and the memory timings at 3-4-4-8... so i did literally that, i put the CPU FSB at 250, multiplier at 10 (want 2.5GHz), set proper cpu and dram voltages, and manually put in 3-4-4-8 for memory timings (left everything else on auto) and put memclk at 'LIMIT' and selected 250... but that fails everytime. i have no idea what to put in any of the chipset menus, which is which? my dfi had no nb/sb split so i had a 4X ht multiplier, i'm not quite sure what is the equivalent here... the manual shows MHz settings, but my BIOS has 1x, 2x, 3x, etc. for all the chipset menus (including K8 to NB frequency which i'm thinking i have to change?) and do the memclock values mean multipliers and not literally fsb values? (i.e, '250' is relative to a default fsb of 200, so if i up the fsb to 250, then the '250' setting reflects something different)
  19. i never really trusted the expert's cpu temperature sensor either so i'm curious what readings teh asus will give me at 2.6GHz/1.45v for this Opteron what kind of memory dividers does it (the asus) have? i just need 1:1 for 2.6ghz
  20. There's a brand new Expert on eBay. Since this is new, is it guaranteed to work with any PCI-express video card I put in it for ths first time? EDIT: nm, bought the A8N32-SLI Deluxe
  21. There's a brand new Expert on eBay. Since this is new, is it guaranteed to work with any PCI-express video card I put in it for ths first time? EDIT: nm, i bought the A8N32-SLI Deluxe
  22. I got it to boot again (with the 7800GTX), but now it hangs on 'Detecting Array' after the RAID screen. Though RAID is disabled in the BIOS. Jumper's fine. Don't have a PS2 keyboard. Either way, I need a new board. What am I gonna do, run a 7800GTX forever?
  23. i have an expert, and i hate it. i bought two different GeForce 8800GTS cards that just would not work in it, though a 7800GTX works fine. i reset the CMOS the retarded way, had all 3 power connectors in the board, etc. etc. and then the board died. i'm thinking of going with an A8N32-SLI from Asus. i don't wanna risk getting a new Expert only to find out it still won't work, even new.
  24. any recommendations? is there an Abit or Asus board that's as easy to overclock as my old DFI? or at least has these multipliers?
  25. GREAT NEWS. i tried it again and now the motherboard's dead. it flashes a bunch of LEDs, lets out strange beeps and even my 7800GTX won't work either. i'm never buying another DFI again.
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