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  1. It works...great..!!! I don't think that it was necessary a fresh windows xp installation.. I tried to install crossfire on my old system..and it doesn't works.... Now i0m writeng from a fresh xp installation..and it works perfectly!!! :dog:
  2. You've not understand... If i install two cards, the GPU fan of the card insert in the PCI-E slot 3 runs ALWAYS TO THE MAX SPEED! It happens when i enable on the bios dual slot configuration...and windows dont' boot... It happens too when i disable dual slot configuration..In this case the fan run always to the max, windows boot up correctly, but don't recognize the second card! And if i don't plux che auxiliary power of the card insert in the PCI-Slot 3, the system boots up regularly, instead of freeze and bip that i don't plug it! With two card and dual slot/crossfire enable from bios, windows dont' boot up!!! This are my first posts in this forum, but i am not umprovided and I know what to make in order to make to work the system if all the cards work correctly!!
  3. Hi guys! My first post from Italy! Great board, but a lot of problems! Cold Boot From Bio Exit first of all... I hope in a new bios! Cpu [email protected], 303*9!!! :tooth: Great result i think! But...there is a great problem! I have a Sapphire X850Xt Master card and a GeCube X850Pro as slave... Both cards works perfect separately..In each PCI Express Slot... But if i put both cards on the MB, crossfire doesn't work!! If i enable dual slot, the master card on PCI-E 1 works perfect, the slave card starts, the fan runs at maximum speed, and windows doesn't boot... If i disable dual slot, the master card on PCI-E 1 works perfect, the slave card starts, the fan runs at maximum speed, windows starts but doesn't findthe slave card. Fan runs always at max! If i put only the slave card on PCI-E 1 or 2, the system boot, GPU's fan starts at max, after few seconds it goes to minimum speed because the temperature is low, and the system runs perfectly! This happens even i link the two cards or i don't link them... I tried to set PCI-E 1 and 2 from 1X to 8X but no positive results! I think to upgrade GeCube X850Pro bios...it could be a solution? But the card is certified as Crossfire ready! Or i must try to upgrade even sapphire bios?? RDX200 is a great board i think, but if Crossfire doesn't work...whi i bought it??????????????????? :sad: :sad: :sad:
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