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  1. I had this issue before with an X1800XT I previously owned. In the end I just RMA'd the video card back and that solved it for me.
  2. SO i just asked my friend to bring his pc over to try parts on his and vice versa....the video card works, the power supplies work, ram works, the only thing i didnt switch out and try were cpu/mobo....so apperantly thats either one is it. Im leaning towards the motherboard obviously, luckily it has a one year warranty from the place i bought it so im gonna send it back and see what happens.
  3. So i have basically just the motherboard powered, the primary hard drive, and the video card powered. It booted up and so far is stable. I was looking at the voltages on the smartgaurdian application and it seems that some of them are fluctuating a bit, mainly the ATX 12V+. It goes from 11.77 to 11.83 to 11.9, but mainly just 11.77 and 11.83. Is this too much of a fluctuation or is this acceptable?
  4. Yeah the monitor went black and lost signal so i had to restart just now. And once again its done the startup thing with all fans spinning but no boot, then after a couple more times of turning on and off it will boot up into windows and freeze again. I guess ill try checking the fans then.
  5. Well i just went to buy a new psu and so far its been running fine for about 5 hours now....i've left it looping 3dmark so...i guess wait and see.
  6. Yeah like those, but that was on the old case, which used 80mm fans that had the 3 pin power connectors. The new case basically has fans that all use molex power. By the way i went out ot purchase a new psu (BFG 650 watt) and so far its been doing ok. I'll leave it running 3dmark loops to see how it goes.
  7. Well i just got a new case (thermaltake armor w/ 250mm fan) and after i changed everything out of the old case and into the new one i've had problems getting it to start. I've gotten that 4 led thing where the fans just continue spinning but no boot up. This has happened a couple times but then after a few restarts, it will boot up just fine into windows. However after being in windows, the pc will usually most likely freeze and lock up requiring me to turn off the pc manually (by holding down the power button or sometimes turning off the psu directly). I managed to get it to boot up once with only the bare essentials (primary hd + mobo+vid carD). This ran fine for a while and i even started to loop 3dmark03 to see how long it would stay this way then after a couple of loops the monitor lost signal and was just black(fans and all else seemd to continue running). I restarted the computer again and this time it booted up into windows but froze up again. Anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this? All i can think off is that maybe the vid card is messed up or perhaps the psu is, but they were both working fine in the old case. The old case had 6 80 mm fans in total( 4 ran off of the 3 pin mobo power and 2 of them were molex powered) and this new case, along with an extra cathode tube, has 3 120mm fans running off of molex power, 2 92mm fans running of molex power, and 1 250mm fan running off molex power. I also realize that perhaps some static could have messed something up but ive never really had that problem before but who knows. The power supply is a coolermaster by the way so i know its not the best out there.
  8. So is this cpu working fine or whats that deal you mention about the cpu's memory controller being broken?
  9. I would be interested in buying the processor for my laptop. Is it still for sale? If it is, can you email me about it
  10. This is definitely an issue with the onboard nics. I had forgotten I had a 3rd pci nic card and when I switched to that one, it worked fine. No connection/internet drops especially while using torrents and transferring large files. All i can think of is perhaps the device property settings might need to be tweaked to fix this.
  11. I've actually gotten this problem too, however it doesnt always happen. When it does though, I do have to restart just to get the internet working again. I do have a crappy router though, but I have also tested this on my laptop and when this pc's lan goes down, the laptop's lan is still going. All I can say is try updating the drivers for it from marvell, I did and it seems to have somewhat stopped. http://www.marvell.com/
  12. They used it in some xbit labs article on the dfi board, so it should work, unless theyve updated that utility now.
  13. That utility comes with the sapphire pure motherboards based on the ATI chipset but it should also work fine on dfi. Try looking around the sapphire website or something.
  14. I have tried both dvi and vga connections with dvi/vga monitors and both do the same so I wouldn't think it has anything to do with it.
  15. My old x1800xt used to do that and my x1900xtx does it as well just less flickers.
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