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  1. the board only supports DDR right? Is it just cheaper to buy DDR2 and it downclocks to DDR speeds? reccomendations? 4gb? or 4x512? Verbs
  2. Hey guys just a quick question, whether or not I should upgrade or just buy new. Here are my system specs: DFI Lanparty SLI-DR 1GB OCZ el platinum ram 1 74gb 10k raptor 1 evga 7800GTX sounblaster zs gamer sound card AMD athlon 4400+ dual core chip You guys let me know if this mobo is still capable of producing life. Basically im looking at buying the new 8800GTX, ram, 1TB HD space, and a new AMD chip. You guys be the judge on if im better off just buying a new comp from scratch and going core 2 extreme, or should i upgrade this system because it will give me a couple more years of fun with some more ram/GPU/HD space. Please if you could post your reccomendations for upgrade, if you choose that i should upgrade, I would appreciate it. Always nice to compare your thoughts with others. Thanks again Verbs
  3. Hey guys this is my first post here on the dfi forums, but i wanted to get an experts opinion on what bios would be best for my computer, ive heard about the 6/23 bios but want your guys opinion please, and here is the setup: AMD x2 4400+ dual core evga 7800 gtx dfi lanparty nf4 sli dr mobo ocz el platinum revision ram 2x512 western digital 10,000rpm raptor thanks for all your help, eric
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