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  1. i got enermax eg565p-ve FMA (24pin:20+4P) and i couldnt find the connector for the 4 plugs for the mobo. should i be fine? the thermal take has every plugs. -edit- ah ignore this post, i found the adapter for 12v
  2. i inspected cpu and no visible damage. im going to local store to get power supply and cheap vid card. i cant get to the post
  3. hi guys, my pc doesnt boot up and it was fine the day before. The monitor does not shows anything( I have tried using my display on other pc and it is working) but the video card led was on and the fan spins. I have tried clearing the cmos, unplug everthing and the problem is still there. My psu is still running(the fan and leds). At the moment I have no idea what is the problem. Also I realised i have been putting the psu fan to the minimum. Is it the psu or the vid card? i am hoping it is the power supply...but im still clueless.
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