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  1. Did you purchase the sticks as 1 gig twinx sets, or did you individually purchase each stick. I run 4x512 mb corsair sticks that I bought as matching pairs. When i first setup my system, I accidently mixed up the pairs and had one of the sets running in slots 1,2, and the other pair was running in 3,4. which created a whole mess of stability problems. Now I have 1 pair in slot 1,3, and the other in 2,4 running in dual channel 2t at 2.5-3-3-8
  2. It did that on my Asus 8AV deluxe also. It changed down to DDR 333 when I added 1 more gig of memory(2x512mb)
  3. I noticed that when I set the ddr speed to auto, it downclocks to DDR 333, why is that?
  4. For the most part, my system has been running stable. However, in games, I've had a couple of random resets, (about a hour into the session). I ran memtest and received some errors so I clocked my cpu multiplier back to 12(it was at 12.5). Now when I run memtest, it appers that the program locks up. I think this is memory related. Im running 4X512mb sticks at 2.5-3-3-8. Any suggestions on some settings I can try out in the bios?
  5. Yeah, these settings caused the system to hang on me. The dram speed was at 210mhz because I oc'd the cpu and little and riased the htt speed to 210. I went ahead and set dram setting to auto, which put it at DDR333, and checked under cpuz and its running at 170mhz with a FSB or HTT speed of 213. Question: Should I set the Cpu fsb(HTT speed) back down to 200, and raise the Dram speed up to DDR 400? Or should I keep my settings as is?
  6. Ok, I manually set my DDR to 400mhz, and my memeory is now running 2.5-3-3-8 1T. I'll report if I notice any changes.
  7. Well, the card idles at 58 degrees, and the fan periodically spins up to full speed during games(for about a minute), then spins back down. (probally when it hits a certain temp)
  8. Yes, the memory where purchased as pairs, indetical sets(twin x matched), although I bought 1 gig about a year later so I wouldnt be surprised if its a different revision. To be honest, I didnt have the hiccuping problems on the Asus board, so I think this could be Bios related. By lossen the timings, do you mean lower them? I beleive the Bios date is 6/23/05 does that sound right?
  9. Well I wasnt sure if this is the correct forum to post this but this has been a very helpfull forum when I was having trouble setting up my rig. My problem is that while I play games I am getting constant hiccups and hitching in games like fear and half life 2. I've killed all the backround processes and tickering with the page file but that hasnt changed anything. Could this be memory related, I went back to auto detect with my dram settings, the computer has run very stable, but for some reason since I have 2 gigs of ram(4x512mb), it wont run at 200mhz(runs a ddr333, it was like that on my Asus AV deluxe). Any ideas or things I should check in the BIOS?
  10. .net framework was installed before I tried installing the drivers When I tried installing the catalyst control centre link I would get a .inf error, video not found message(something like that) Is there some settings in the BIOS that needs to be changed?
  11. Well I just finished installing all of the chipset drivers, and windows update. Now when I move on to my Radeon x1800 xl, I download the drivers from the ATI site, install, reboot, but upon reboot and there is still a "!VGA display adapter" in device manager. So i tried the disk that came with the card, and this time when I rebooted, the windows detected new hardware, but would only install just the drivers. No ati control panel(where I can change gamma settings, Refresh rates, AA and Ansio settings etc..), just the basic display properties windows provides. I tried installing ATI Tray tools and got the error message "Unable to retrive information from the Bios. Please report to developer about your board." Each time I tried installing the drivers, I made sure and uses Driver cleaner pro to delete anything I had installed before. Any ideas or suggestions? Also, when I go to the ATI download site, there are 2 links for catalyst drivers, "With Control Panel" and "With Catalyst Control Center" Which one do I download, because I have tried both and neither work for me. :confused:
  12. Any ideas as to why i can only boot in windows safe mode, and when I try a reformat i get "such and such file is corrupt" during windows installation.
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