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  1. You have 4 led on during boot, right? I believe 4 led on indicates CPU problem. Can you test your processors on another mobo? If they dont work it will probably indicate Mobo damage, if they actually work, you can try a complete clear cmos
  2. Thanks for the post, But I cannot believe the chipset died the moment I turn the PC down to make the cooler work again. I've tried the complete 30h clear cmos and it didn't work. In addition, I have tested all my hardware in a different motherboard and memory, processor and video card worked. I think my bios chip may have become corrupt, so I'm gonna buy a new one, already properly flashed.
  3. Hey guys, This is the second day I am fighting the following problem: It is stuck at 3 LED's during post, and beeps. That could indicate a memory problem, but truth is I have 2 different corsair kits, they both work normally in a Abit AG8-V I have (memtest, superpi and prime/orthos stable for 24h+) I must say, when I opened my case, I found my chipset cooler, a Evercool VC-RE, completely stopped. Unfortunately I don't really know when it stopped because my 7800GT is above and I cant see it. Also, I am not really sure of the exact time this started: After being sure my Opty 170 (stock) was stable using my 2x512 Corsair Value kit, I was trying to find a stable conf for my new Opty 170 (everything stock) using my Corsair 4000PT 2GB DDR500 Kit. At some point I put my old A64 Venice 3000 on the board again, It was previously stable using this DDR500 kit, so I wanted to check the specs on A64 Tweaker, however after installing the CPU and cooler, It would just start beeping with 3 LED's on. No mem kit or single, in any mem slots would make it post. Then when I installed the Opteron again, just to find out no memory could make it post too, again stuck at 3 LED's and beeping. First try was a clear CMOS, then I disconnected everything, mobo outside case, only PSU-Mobo-CPU-Mem and a Long clear CMOS (about 12h) I tested using only PSU-Mobo-CPU, (OCZ ModStream 520w and Seventeam 420w) outside the case, with or without memory, the result is the same, it will only beep w/ 3 LED's on. Since the 4th LED is off and it beeps, that should indicate both my CPUs are fine, right? As for my mem kits, they are working fine in my AG8-V, both PSU's also seem fine. Right now as I type I am waiting a new try of a 30h full Clear CMOS. When I exchanged CPU's for the first time, I should have loaded setup defaults before, or cleared CMOS before turning it on again, but I forgot. Full clear CMOS would fix this right? It seems to me improbable that chipset's stopped cooler could cause this ram recognition problem, just after I fixed it. If that full clear 30h+ doesn't work, I dont know what to do with my DFI board. Anyway I will buy another Mobo and try the CPU's in it, since I have both Opteron and A64 venice and only this DFI mobo. Thats it folks, anyone got a good advice or hint for my problem? Thanks and sorry for the looong post.
  4. Sorry about the late answer I did not visit the forum that often, the trick in this is: BEFORE making your backup, ENABLE the raid controller and do NOT enable any sata/pata port under it. When u boot at your windows, install the raid controller in it, and only after that make your backup. Backup made, simply go into bios and enable your desired ports, then make your array. Boot from your backup HD, (it should have windows, norton ghost and your image in it) If you made your array correctly, it will appear as a single drive, restore your system in it. Now remove your backup HD and boot from your raid array, it should be working. I hope this works for you as it did for me.
  5. Well then, I shall try and see if it works, if not, I will sell the 1gb kit No warnings in this topic must mean there is no catch in it, and it will probably work. Thanks
  6. Hi folks I have a TWINX1024-3200XL pair working perfectly here at 250mhz 3-4-4-10 1T and I was thinking about getting a second pair of those, but I searched in newegg and zipzoomfly they seemed out of stock so I asked in Corsair website and they say It has been discontinued.. Well I would like to ask, if I add a second pair TWINX2048-4000PT, and changing the above specs to 2T it *should* work, for a total of 3GB ram right? I know this kind of question is tricky since It should be tested directly in my system but anyway.. if there is something I am not aware please tell me My bios version is N4D 623-3 Thanks
  7. hahaha sucess!!! I left enabled raid in bios, but disabled all drives, destroying the array; I restored the image into a single drive and booted; Win xp now found and installed the driver for the nvidia raid controller; Then I made a new image; Builded the array again; And restored the image to it; With the driver installed, it booted normally !!! Sooo simple yet it took so long
  8. Well this remembered me of an issue I was having with my 7800GT, random boots started windows with the screen scrambled, according to evga specs, my vga is 445 mhz gpu and 1070mhz mems, but it could not stand these clocks, I have actually flashed my vga with a generic nvidia bios for 7800GT, I tried 6 diff bioses for it the one that actually had no problems was 400mhz gpu and 1000 mhz I could have gotten an RMA for this card but that would be too expensive and would take too long (like 3 months whithout a vga) since I live in Brazil
  9. function8 hmm I actually dont know what to say, you are suggesting a completely different way of building the array, I never heard about that, can you explain some more?
  10. Well thx for your words Daddyjaxx but since I was actually able to restore the image into the raid array, and windows even starts from the array, but reboots almost instantly. I know it starts because the next boot will show that "normal startup" and "safe mode". Since that happens, I suppose its only OS incapability of dealing with the array, am I wrong?? or MAYBE I SHOULD SPECIFY the array cluster size (its now "optimal").. Whats the size of a standard NTFS single disk ???
  11. I had the SAME problem with my 2x512 corsair xms 3200XL !!! "Some very few errors after 10+ hours of Memtesting" is how I usually adressed to that Iinitially thought of temperature, but my memories have aluminium spreaders and I had a direct 80mm cooler on them, so that was impossible. A BIOS update for the motherboard solved my problem, have you tried updating to the latest BIOS yet? Also, according to this forum stock speed database the voltage for my mem was 2.8 so I raised if from 2.7 to 2.8
  12. Soultrigger biatch haha no more msn 4 u? You disappeared !!! Well I had the AMD nforce4 drivers 6.70 installed, with that IDE SW RAID included (or something like that) Do I need the drivers in the boot diskette installed? I dont remember to have any hardware needing drivers in hardware manager, could it be some installed as replacement for some generic windows driver? EDIT: I forgot to say I was actually able to install a fresh win xp into the raid0 array and use it for some time without problems. The thing here is that I dont want a fresh install, I want my old winxp, the one in a norton ghost image.
  13. Hello, I just got a second WD 80gb SATA and made an raid0 array with them, saving the prior lone hd into a norton ghost image I was then able to restore this image into the array and finally attempted to boot with it. But, instead of the xp loading logo screen, I get a system reboot. Then, in next attempt to boot it will stop in that screen where you can choose "normal startup" or "safe mode", but both of them will result in a reboot too. I assume win xp cannot handle the fact it is in a raid array, since the image works in a lone hd, I tested that. When I try safe mode, some filenames quickly swapping do appear before the reboot Is there a way I can prepare win xp to boot from an array, so I can make an image of this point and then be able to boot sucessfully? Or maybe its a completely different problem... please help me out. Thx
  14. i DELETED ALL ide controllers in windows hardware manager and re-installed the nForce4 AMD 6.70 drivers. After rebooting, THREE new hardware found screens showed up one after another, I had to point some files manually as the driver installation prompted for them, they were in c:windowssystem32 and c:windowssystem32drivers After this, the next reboot took 12 bluey "times" instead of the previously 30 times. cya
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