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    Chipset Fan Outta Control

    Thanks. This helped.
  2. After installing a new video card, I noticed my chipset fan has gone nuts. It started spinning at ~7000 and making a lot of noise. I did a search and also changed my bios settings in PC Health but these don't seem to working. Does anyone know how to settle this beast and make it run a bit slower/quieter?
  3. SkeptiKal12

    removing the IHS on X2's

    Yea, like the previous poster stated, I'd leave it if those are your temperatures. I have removed mine and it was a pain in the butt, and not to mention the vast # of pins I bent in the process (had to bend back to make the CPU fit again). The risk is killing your CPU...
  4. SkeptiKal12

    overclock my toledo x2 3800

    Hey I think I have the exact same stepping (I slapped an extra 5 in my sig so dont worry). I have gotten to 2.4 at roughly 1.425v and am running it now at 2.6 with 1.65v (in bios, in cpu-z its lower). Cooling with a Big Typhoon and at load I see 52-53 C. I've found that if you let the temps get passed ~55C it will fail even at lower frequency. I can pass 8+ hours of prime at this speed and am comfortable with the temperature. Like yourself, I have removed the IHS and found minimal gains (but I am going to retighten the heatsink to make sure its REALLY on there). Its not a great overclocker but I can't say Im not happy with 2.6GHz (although the voltage could be lower).
  5. I need 2x1GB Ram that runs at 237MHz at 1T. The timings arent so important but the 1T is. I would like to spend the least amount of money possible. I would like to move to 2GB total system RAM and don't want to run it slower (in terms of MHz) than what I am now. Can anyone recommend me anything? Thanks.
  6. SkeptiKal12

    X2 REMOVE THE IHS! then O/C :-)

    My PC would freeze when priming as well. Upping the voltage and decreasing the temperatures helped the issue. Im at 2.6GHz now and am happy with it. But if I get bored, will remove the IHS and see what the chip can do.
  7. SkeptiKal12

    X2 4400+ CPU MAX 2.5GHz???

    Im 10hr+ Prime Stable at 2.6Ghz with my 3800X2 Toledo. 260x10 (166Ram Divider). 1.65v (1.5 x 110%) running with a Big Tyhpoon in a closed Antec Sonata. Idle ~32-33C (28 on start up) and load at about 50-51C. The temps look good and I ran my older S754 A64-3200 at the same voltage for over a year before I sold it. Meaning, if it dies it dies but Im taking my chances.
  8. The only problem I can forsee happening is higher temperatures, keep an eye on them and act accordingly.
  9. SkeptiKal12

    Prime Doesnt Fail but computer freezes

    Everquest suggests its a Toledo. Im on stock cooling and can't see myself pumping 1.65 volts right now. Last time it froze, was when I was dual priming, playing MP3s and opening MSN Messenger. I have a voodoo5 PCI card, I doubt I could even get 3DMark to run. I have Thermal Throttling turned off, and am not sure if I missed something else thats not in the overclocking Bios section. Im running my ram under spec with a divider (5/6 and everything on Auto).
  10. SkeptiKal12

    Think I killed my x2 4200

    If you have eliminated all components as being the problem, and are only left with the CPU (guessing the mobo is ok) then yea its dead. Maybe you have a buddies computer you can slap the CPU in to confirm. Im running my volts close to what you were... hopefully nothing happens.
  11. SkeptiKal12

    Prime Doesnt Fail but computer freezes

    Yes, I was dual priming. Im good for 10 hrs + at 246x10, but in the 7th hour or so of 247x10 it froze. I thought it might have been perhaps to the elevated temperatures. CPU-Z says I have a Manchester core but other programs have eluded to it being a Toledo. Based on my stepping (in sig), Im sure one can tell, just don't know what to look for. Either way Im not too pleased with the mediocre overclock.
  12. I am looking for the culprit in my overclock. Testing 2 instances of prime on both cores. I had it going for about 7 hours without fail when the computer froze. 247x10 at 1.525vcore, ram at 333mhz all on auto settings and stock voltage HTT at 3X. Load is about 52-53C using the stock heatsink. Could it be the heat thats causing the freezing? Maybe ram?
  13. Mine seems to be stuck at about the same speed too, so it may be a CPU limitation.
  14. SkeptiKal12

    3800 X2 Overclock using stock heatsink

    Ya my idle is down to about 30-31C. If I can reach 2.5Ghz with the stock heatsink with reasonable temperatures than it would be a waste of money to upgrade the HS for another 100Mhz or so. Maybe I should upgrade my video card? Ha. I don't have the greatest chip so I am pumping some volts into it. Also noticed that the system is A LOT more responsive than my old S754 at 2.4Ghz with 1MB Cache. I guess I could possibly try the newer beta BIOS instead of the official to get better overclocks?
  15. How have you guys faired using the stock heatsink on the 3800 X2? I am currently running at 2.42Ghz (still have a lot of testing to do). My temps arent too bad (38 idle 51-52 load). Im not having too much luck overclocking 1:1 with loosened timings so am using a 5/6 divider. Was hoping for 2.5 GHZ. Anyone there with a stock heatsink and what temps are you getting?