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  1. hmm. can ya add me in msn and chat over there? Thanks..
  2. i'm using a lian li GT, same as a lian li pc7b+ heres a pic of my system
  3. hm.. ya its the one with LEDs, but when i face the AC 64 blowing to the exhaust, its blocking the orange slot.. hmm.. will the Zalman CNPS8000 block the orange slot too?
  4. hmm.. i'm using a corsair 3500proll, so i think it will be blocking as well? man.. i needa use that orange slot, i've hand random crashes on my games after switching to the yellow slots.. hmm.. any other coolers that will clear the orange slot and is as good or even better than an arctic freezer 64 pro?
  5. hmm the layout of the ultra-D and NF4-D is the same right? so does the xp90/xp120 blocks the 1st orange slot? hmm btw for those 2 Heatsinks, the fan is supposed to be blowing at it, or taking air away? thanks.
  6. The retention bracket for the XP-90/XP120 types will need to be filled down to make contact. hmm what do u mean by tis?
  7. dont wish to do anything to mod the HSF, so intending to selll it off and get another cooler, will the xp90/xp120 have the same problem? hmm how about the gigabyte G-power BL? i wun wanna face the cooler back down again, as i could see a temp difference, and the tot of not getting the best out of the cooler isnt right =)
  8. hmm.. after changing the fan to face the exhaust, the fins are blocking my 1st orange ram slot, wonder if i change to a xp-90/xp-120, will i still have these issues? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the link, now i have mine blowing towards the exhaust fan =)
  10. how do u guys hang the fan to blow at the area?
  11. Hey guys, any users of the above HSF? Whats the position that you guys mount the HSF?
  12. Hey guys, may i know how do you guys cool the PWMIC area? Thanks
  13. Hey guys, i'm considering to have 2 raptors to run at raid0, do i need a raid card for the NF4-D to do so? so just use the mobo's function? Thanks
  14. found the problem, it was my HDD boot piority..
  15. hey guys, i currently have 2 IDE HDDs and 2 Sata HDDs, i would like to use one of my sata(raptor) as my primary drive, but it seems that if i were to connect 2 IDEs, one of them must be primary? So i can only have1 IDE when i use a Sata for primary? here is what happens: When i connect all 4 HDDs with the OS in the raptor, during POST it will only detect 3 HDDS, Primary IDE Master: (Blank) Primary IDE Slave : xxx HDD Secondary IDE Master: DVD writer Secondary IDE Slave: CD Writer SATA1: Raptor Sate2: xxx HDD and it will keep on loading on the windows load screen.. both IDE HDDs are set to slave by jumpers.. How do i set it so that i can use 2 IDE and 2 Sata with 1 sata the OS? Thanks..
  16. what ram u using? the exact model?
  17. 3-4-0-3? how did u get 0? hmm btw whats ur divider?
  18. okie, finally got it stable for prime95, superPI and BF2142.. got it at 290x10, 166 divider, 1.45v, 3-4-4-7, i believe the instablity in SuperPI and Bf2142 could be the voltage issue, as i was using it at 1.425v, but not sure how it could pass 8hrs of dual prime.. anyway any chances that my ram could got for 3-4-4-6? or maybe even a 3-4-3-6? din have the time to trade it out yet, but any UCCC value ram user hit those timings at that speed? Thanks..
  19. okie thanks, will tweak with the vcore and timings and see how it goes.. =)
  20. Using everest, i've got tis 2 results running on 2.7 and 2.8ghz, the ram is faster, but the cpu is slower right? so which is still a better choice? faster cpu or faster ram? Thanks..
  21. Thanks.. hmm, was doing superPI 32m on my 2.9ghz OC, and it autorebooted, was playing bf2142 and it auto rebooted too, but it was prime stable for 8hrs, so this means the OC is not stable?
  22. hmm regarding the everest, i cant seem to find any version that i can download.. so i needa purchase the software?
  23. Hey guys, i've obtain 3 results from my OC of my opty170 2.7GHZ - 180 Divider - 250Mhz 2.8GHZ - 166 Divider - 246Mhz 2.9GHZ - 140 Divider - 239Mhz Which will give me the best performance? Thanks
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