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  1. I just picked up the 510 and I ove it. I even went out and bought a new kvm(my other one didnt have usb) just because I loved the way it felts and the preformance on games rocked. hella better than my intellimouse explorer 3.0 I had. hell I would of sold you my extra intellimouse except I gave my really old ont to my step dad and I like having an extra mouse around with me for my laptop when I go places, never know when the urge for gamming will come abound. (64mb vide card on my laptop) *shrugs*
  2. MX510 is a nice mouse....best thing comes in red or blue <3 blue. works great I love the extra buttons on it...good for web surfing. now only if I could program everything for in linux to work right. haha. but yes. I love the mx510 for gamming came from a ms intellimouse explorer 3.0 to that and I had to get a usb kvm just because I didnt want to touch the explorer anymore
  3. well I cant notice much difference in preformance. I just cant get the computer to notice that it is a mx510 vs generic mouse.
  4. hey I have a kvm switch for my 2 systems, and I just bought a logitech mx510 (the blue one hehe) and I want it to go into my kvm which is a ps2 only(knew I should of spent the extra cash) well when I have the adapter xp only sees the 510 as a generic mouse....but in usb it sees it properly. I havent been able to find anyone that has complained about this type of thing, but I want it to go through ps2, yet see it as the 510 for the features when I am in the xp box...I could care less when I am in the linux box. any help would be appreciativ if you can figure or have heard a way to remidy this....
  5. big spiders ew. I have lived with black widows in Cali. I am used to those, in kentucky we have brown recluse and wolf's. havent seen many but supposedly they are rampant. I dislike spiders...they die quickly.......I just dont like insects.
  6. helll just figure out how to use the freon(or whatever) to cool the cpu......would prolly be easier
  7. I definately like my fUnc, the question is what type of mouse are you using? the fUnc has 2 surfaces, so it is great for both optical and for balled mice
  8. yar you can take them through x-rays, they are x-ray not giant magnets....heh. though if you are worried you can show the guard it works and you are usually okay.... then again I havent flown in ages, I mostly travel by car, I dont go further than 8 hrs away from my house much.
  9. I have a dell 8100, and she is good for gamming, then again she only has a 15" screen but uxga graphics and i have a 64mb ati 7500 mobility in her. she does good with half life, and the suchs, and can even give ut 2003 a run for it's money. <gotta remember 8100 is oldish 2/3 years old...lol> anyways, check out dell, I have 30gb hd, and I have wireless and the such, so yeah it pays off a bit.
  10. dmz=a demilterized zone. it allows the computer you put there to act faster, and allows faster transfers speeds. ie, my desktop is in the dmz of my router so that I can play my gaomes at a faster speed with out opening tons of ports. but in order to transfer files etc you will still have to open ports. just find out which ports trillian transfers on, and then you will be able to open only those ports to your computer. I have most of the main ports transfered to one of my computers, and the ports I need for transfering msn things and the such to the computer I use that with the most. I <3 linksys for allowying you to put in port ranges.
  11. I would say either get water cooling or put it away until you can save up some more money so that you can get which ever chip you like and what ever mb you wish. that way there would be no skimping on the details, yah know.
  12. I would hope that when they release the p5 that it will be a 64 bit, or else they are gonna have some problems keeping up with amd on the chip market.
  13. my powercolor 9200 works just fine with my asus p4p800 then again i am not overclocking much by any means. and I second special, sounds like agp/pci isnt locked, and /or power to tha card. check all your connections make sure everything is right......check all the bios info as well.
  14. my fans arent too bad I pllay my music quiet, and I can watch tv, and the fans arent over powering it I have 7 case fans (80mm) a hsf for my cpu (coolermaster) and a dual fan psu. that and I have my laptop fan going off everyso often. I sleep just well, when I do goto sleep.... haha. the fans actually block more subtle noises that would disrupt my sleeping. like the slight noise outside or what not.
  15. I keep my pc's on 24/7 I rarely let my laptop off.........and all I know my 386 still works.......even though I havent used that in a long time. so yeah it is fine if you keep it on, just keep an eye on your temperatures, it is a good way to see if your coooling is actually doing something.
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