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  1. Oh dear, how ashamed I am to admit what the problem was. I double checked that cables again and the molex cable I had plugged into was from a fan I had disconnected and it infact was not connected to anything! So I plugged the power into a different molex plug and there you go the hard drive works. Sorry to all you guys who tried to help! Next time I wont be so foolish!
  2. I've just tried the drive on a friends computer and his bios detected it straight away so its not a faulty drive! Yay! I'm not sure what the ports are set too, im not running any drives in raid so its prob not set to that. Ive also tried different cables with no result. And there was no jumper on the drive when i got it so ive left it as is. Ive also flashed to a different bios and that had no effect either. I'm getting very frustrated at this. Why can't a piece of hardware just work when you plug it in for a change!
  3. I don't have an esata port on mine and I dont have another system to test it on either. Is there anything else i can try?
  4. Hi there, Today I bought a new western digital 320gb (3200 aaks) I plugged it in to sata port number 3 and booted up but the bios doesn't detect the new drive. It isn't detected even if I have it plugged in by itself, or with only one other drive. I noticed though that when I put it in the place of my 2nd drive none of the drives were detected but I'm guessing its an issue to do with it being a sata II drive but ive tried the jumper settings to limit it to sata I speed and it still didnt do anything. So any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Sorry i should have said which psu it was. The one that blew up was made by task and you may have never heard of it but its 12v 5v and 3.3v rails were right up there and thats the one that blew. The raidmax one is what im using now until i get a good one, thanks.
  6. Well, there I was switching all my stuff into a new case, everything was complete and I was satisifed. I plug it in, psu switch on, hit the on button and sparks and smoke fly out the back of the psu. Anyway it gave me a bit of a fright and i jumped back as one can imagine. What i want to know is why this happened, I'm now running on a different psu that is slightly not as powerful. Should I be worried that this psu will blow too or was it a one off thing, thanks.
  7. well it works at that speed because as ive said i can run them fine when there is only one stick of ram running as this is at ddr580 and they pass prime and memtest which have both been run for 10 hours, so I cant figure out why i cant run them at the same time.
  8. Im not trying to overclock my ram as it by default is rated at ddr600 the thing is they both work at ddr580 but they dont work when they are in together, so why is this????
  9. This ram has caused me a lot of problems but finally i got each one to work at ddr580 anyway they both work fine when i run only one stick of ram in the 2nd orange slot but if I try and run them both then i get a bsod during windows startup, ive tried running them in 2T and 1T but the same thing happens. Is there any other settings that affect dual channel, thanks.
  10. Hi, I recently got some patriot pc4800 ddr600 ram and its stock settings are 2.5-4-8-4 yet it doesnt run at these settings I cant even get prime to run stable when i use 3-4-8-4 timings I also used 3-5-4-8 and ive tried all different voltages right up to 3.4v and prime always fails in less than a minute. If i clock the ram down to ddr400 prime is stable for 10 hours, so what i really want to know is, could this be my mem controller is bad or is it the ram itself, thanks.
  11. Hi, turned out to be I needed a bit more voltage for the ram so i upped it from 2.9 to 3.1 and now its stable.
  12. Hi there, I got some new ram today Patriot DDR600 PC4800. At the moment i cant get it higher than 270mhz, when i want it to run at 290mhz due to my opteron is at 2.9ghz. My current timings are: 1:1 - 1t 3-4-8-4 auto 11 3 3 2 3 4708 enabled auto 0 normal4 Level 2 7 Fast 5.5 16 Enab 16 7 disabled all this at 2.9v If anyone has any better timings i could try that would be great, thanks by the way im using the 704-2bta bios, thanks again.
  13. Thanks son1 for those timings it looks like it was just a matter of setting the right ram timings. At the moment im running at 2.9ghz with ram on a divider and the ram is running at 240mhz. Thanks heaps for all the help.
  14. Hi, what ive decided to do is buy some ddr600 ram so i can run it at 1:1 and that should work. I also primed it last night for 10 hours at 2.9ghz and on the 1:2 divider so hopefully this new ram does the trick, if so i will be one happy person :nod:
  15. Hi there, ive tried it running at 2.5-4-8-4 and that is not giving me any joy ethier, I also tried different timings but had no luck there aswell, thanks.
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