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  1. Hello all, I just my Dual Core Opteron 185. I burned it in for a few days at stock settings using dual prime. I tried raising my processor speed and keeping all the ram at its default speed. I got up to 2800 MHz and ram a dual prime again. It was good for 15 hours ... so I just stopped it, i figured that was pretty stable it was also folding during the time getting dual primed. Most speeds past 2800 arent stable.... any ideas?
  2. hmm i wonder... ive had some other suggestions as to letting it run at stock settings for 24 hours and then overclock but i dont know how that would be effective
  3. yes... anyway i got it stable at 2700MHz but it has hit a wall and doesnt go any higher even with more voltage ... and its not the ram the ram works at 260MHz here are my current settings http://img415.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitlednw5.jpg the thing that is getting me so damn angry is that the same hardware ran at 2880 stable months ago... im getting so frustrated i want to give up but i payed money for the machine and i actually need this computer and its so hard to go to lower settings after seeing the light of 2880!!! any help will be greatly appreciated... thanks also how does reseating the heatsink effect the ocing cap?
  4. how would the hsf effect the oc'ing abilitys
  5. i dont think its the ram timings anymore because i ran it 265x10 and it was fine but when the processor gets oced more the problems start but it just doesnt make sence because its the same processor that used to run at 2880 with the same bios etc... all the same parts
  6. lol yes the master boot record was damaged ... but the oc results havent been the same? ive gotten it semi stable but it restarts after 5 mins of operation in windows ...and does anyone have good timings for g.skill 2x1gb pc4000extreme series? thanks shocker
  7. Hi all, I recently started to use my computer again and i had a whole problem where the mbr was damaged and i repaired that.. the thing now is my oc results arent the same anymore... i cant get to 2750 stable meanwhile i used to run 2880 prime stable... any idea how to make it like the old days and why this decrease has happened/ thanks shocker
  8. i ran memtest 86 for 13 hours no problems on stock settings.... ill check the leds when i go home.. but im out now.. thanks forthe help tho , finally
  9. Hello all, I have this problem where my computer will not boot to windows on stock settings . I had my computer in a work bench configuration and just all the parts layed out on the desk next to the monitor... I got sick of that so I decided to get a new case for the hardware. I installed everything and turned on the computer. I went into BIOS and reset the settings to default just to make sure I installed the hardware correctly. The computer ran fine on stock settings and I proceeded to go back to the OC'ed settings I had previously set when it was in the workbench config. Those worked and then I tweaked with them some more and then I went to boot to windows and right after all the bios screens when the Windows loading screen should come on , the computer just restarts. Ive pulled the CMOS jumpers and done every possible resetting methood. At this point im running MemTest 86 and its been around an hour and theres still no errors. Im really agrivated by this problem being I just spent more money on a case... Assembled the whole thing until 4 in the morning ... and then after all that... A big let down not being able to play any games ! Any help would be greatly appreciated ... Thanks alot .
  10. Hi all, ive been real busy and I havent been into gaming/ working on my computer in months. I turned it on today because I stayed home from school. I turned it on and ran 3DMark05 and I came back and it had restarted I want to run at atleast 2830MHz and It used to do that perfectly primestable / memtest86 and everything... Anyway my specs are AMD4000+ with IHS Removed nForce 4 SLI DR G.Skill Expert (2x1024) XFX7800GTX's (495/1300) Watercooled WD 350GB HD 16MB Cache I forgot alot of stuff like what the proper voltages and stuff should be ... after it crashed I reset the cmos to start from scratch but again, I forgot ram voltages timings etc... if anyone could refresh my memory I would appreciate it greatly . Thanks alot . Shocker
  11. 2004 Honda CR85R Expert Pit Bike 2005 CRF50 Modded Out :nod: LOL -- Getting a ride July 6 , 2006 :-D :nod:
  12. Hi all , I recently lapped my heatsink to achieve some better temperatures and I was wondering what you all thought. I was thinking about removing my IHS and saw Angrys guide... It looks pretty easy, is it worth it ? I dont think id ruin my processor... any experiences or results on temperature ? ** Also , will a combination of the 2 result in a higher OC ... right now its maxing out ~2880 Stable Thanks , shocker
  13. awesome, thanks. :nod: oops lol wanted to try try inserting an image into the forum lol never done that before ... anyway...thats my lapping job
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