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  1. ah that doesn't sound good, can I get a 2nd opinion?
  2. Ok so recently my computer has been emmitting a high pitched ringing / screeching sound it sounds like ringing you get in your ears. I have determined that its coming from the power supply or another part near it. This computer has been running fine for about 5 months with none of this screeching. Odd thing is it only appears when I turn the computer completley off, it might still be going when its on and I can't hear it with all the fans on but im not sure. The only way I can get rid of it is to unplug the powersupply or shut it off. So I would like to know if anyone has heard of this or has suffered from similiar computer symptoms, this is very annoying. And the computer still runs fine when its on. Thanks for any feedback
  3. nope no overclocking Im afraid to overclock my 7800gt because its a piece of garbage and barely functions at stock speeds
  4. I have wanted to ask this for awhile. I got a 3dmark05 score of about 7556 and I was comparing it with other rigs and it seems low for my specs and I would like to know what some of you guys think about that score. I am not overclocking at all.
  5. I have seen many people with that problem, trouble is it usually never gets resolved or if it does its always by a different method, I had that problem while playing HL2 and CSS all the time I sent back my gfx card still waiting for a new one doubt it will help though. maybe try using a much older driver like one of the 77.77 ones
  6. I have the same problems that you are experiencing except I don't get your error message, I called EVGA and they said it could be bad memory on the card and am currently waiting for them to send me a replacement card. What version of the card do you have I have the 516 model which has alot of problems, and what games does it freeze in? because I froze in css and hl2 all the time but wasnt a problem in COD2. Let me know if what your trying fixes it.
  7. I have 2 computers plugged into 2 different power strips but those powerstrips are both plugged into 1 outlet. I havent had any lights flickering in my house but im just concerned that my 2 comps arent getting all the juice they need. So I wanted to know if having 2 computers plugged into 1 outlet is a bad thing? they both run of course but they have their share of small problems.
  8. Well i've only tested 3 games on this comp so far, HL2, COD2, FEAR it lockups constantly on hl2, lockups rarely in fear, and never in COD2 but artifacts in all 3 games, i've already RMA"d the video card and am waiting for a replacement to come back soon so cant do anything until then. I was thinking the PSU might be contributing to the problem because when im in my BIOS menu the volts kinda jump around a few .1 - .01 I dont know if the volts should be jumping around at all but when I spoke to a tech guy he said it sounded ok because the volts were very close to the requirement. and I did a memtest on my ram for 5 or 6 hours and no errors so I dont think its the ram either.
  9. I've been having trouble playing games on this new rig of mine, it lockups alot and gives me some graphic artifacting. I read somewhere that the lockups could be because of a bad harddrive and I wanted to know if there is a way to test it, its probably not bad because I can do most everything except game on it but I would like to give it a shot anyway. So if you know how i'd like to know thx!
  10. I've had the same problems just rma'd my graphics card because it was artifacting too, but I heard its sometimes caused by onboard sound so if your still using that try disabling it. But when I tried doing that it wouldnt even load certain games like HL2 but its worth a try.
  11. wait I just realized I was hitting the esc key instead of del!!! doh!!!
  12. Ok so I did a memtest86 today for about 5 hours, no errors, so I rebooted the computer and tried to get into the BIOS to turn of memtest. But when I rebooted it only gave me this screen that had a menu of different Bootable Devices to boot from, and no matter which I boot from it goes back to memtest and if I reboot from the memtest screen and I press esc it takes me back to the bootable devices list, so my question is how am I supposed to get back into BIOS now???
  13. Ok well I was able to restore to an even earlier date and fixed the problem...so my question now is what went wrong with that install, did I install something I shouldnt have?
  14. did that problem occur after the driver update? because from what ive seen my bios settings are the same still
  15. Ok I restored my system settings to yesterday, and right after it rebooted WOW! blue screen and reboot! something is SERIOUSLY wrong! ahhh this is horrible I hate nvidia wth!!! what do I do now??!?!? :confused:
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