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  1. My new NF4 SLI-DR compy was getting 46-47C on chipset temp and the screaming fan was annoying as hell so I popped for the Evercool cooler from Happy_Games link. During the change I found the stock fan appears to have a far to thick shim (gasket if you will) under it which didnt allow the stock fan to fully set against the chip core by a full 1/64", the thermal compund showed a almost imperceptable imprint of the NB core!!!. I installed the VC-RE using AS-5 (after a good surface cleaning with acetone) and now get 39-40C temps under the same conditions. Happy_Games, thanks for the link, real nice cooler and great service from the e-tailer. :cool: :cool:
  2. Actually after rereading the replies you are correct, Props to you sir, nice call!!!
  3. It turns out is was the previously installed linux, Win XP didnt know what to do with it. WinServer2003 deals with it fine but not XP. I am up and running. Thanks to all, nice work guys!!! Will have to update my sig to the latest compy, again thanks to all!!!
  4. When I try to install XP Home SP2 my new build when I get to the "Setup is checking your system" the screen goes blank and never comes back. The disk is good (New) and teh drive is good (all work in another compy). I can install linux fine and Winserver 2003 all ok. DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI DR Evga 7600gt card 1 gig corsair ram mem test for hours all good stock bios had same problem, flashed to latest bios still same problem. I am lost here, thanks for any help given PS system in my sig is my running system not the one I am having trouble with
  5. As cheap as drives are I see no reason not to mirror a striped array, yeah ya lose some space but if data backup is a concern then it makes sense. My needs are not so critical but I still run an automated script to backup my striped array nightly to a lone (non-raid) drive (Linux and RSYNC)
  6. Possibly NF4 folks do not want any SataII chips on their boards(other than their own) who knows
  7. Outstanding! thx for the reply and link
  8. I am currently building a new PC (see sig) and will be trying out the SATA raid on this board (I am a SCSI guy, complete SATA newb). My understanding is SATA is generally channel-less i.e no master/slave issues, so in setting up a 3-4 drive Raid 0 are there any issues with which ports I use on each controller. Was planning the following: NVRaid Port 1 = system drive Port 2,3,4 = Raid 0 array Sil Controller Port 5 400g drive to backup the array or possibly use 3 smaller drives as mirrors(on ports 5,6and 7) of the Raid 0 drives. Thanks for any advice
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