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  1. What is the latest / best bios for this board? I'm still using the one in my sig. I'm now also using a RAID setup, and I was hoping to get the latest NV RAID bios going... My chip is SST 49LF004B, the official site says the latest BIOS is only for SST 49LF040B chips... Thanks!
  2. feel free to make me an offer, that is a starting price.
  3. Opteron 144 s939 CABNE 0544 EPMW for sale Selling my Opty because I'm going dual core. $120 US Dollars shipped to Continental US / Canada, everywhere else I'll have to look at shipping costs, but I will ship worldwide. I accept all Paypal, bank account / echeck preferred. Thanks!
  4. the default voltage on my cpu is 1.35v right, should i change the CPU VID or leave it auto and choose *1.04 or something? Also, my ram goes up to 2.8v under warranty: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...hannel_platinum when should I start upping that? Or should I relax all the timings?
  5. I have read the definitive guide in stages, I can't say I know it all. I flipped to the "find max of your cpu" section and nothing is working. My HTT is at 4x and I'm at 222mhz. I tried 230 no go. PS - Is there an easier way to reset cmos cuz climbing under the desk with a flashlight sucks. Also, everytime I change my voltage, it doesnt post. I don't know what to do here? I don't mind O/Cing but I cant have a 2ghz chip, it is too sluggish. I have been considering moving to a pentium d, some are hitting 4ghz, dual core, on air, for less $ than a 165 that might do 2.6. I dunno, maybe I'm just getting frustrated.
  6. so this is a very bad stepping? i didn't find much data on it. I may jump to dual core anyway, so what are good steppings on 165's?
  7. Primed those settings overnight for 10 hours no errors. Now what?
  8. I am getting fairly frustrated with this Ok so I have it running 09/10 ram divider CPU at 222 mhz LDT 4x CPU 9x CPU VID Auto (CPU-Z says 1.360v) 1998 mhz ram is at 2-3-2-5-1T 199.8mhz If I change the ram divider only: doesnt post If I change the CPU FSB only (1mhz): doesnt post If I change the CPU VID only: doesnt post I really dont get it, on my htpc board, i just say ram run at 166mhz, fsb at 250mhz, dont touch another thing, it works fine. help? This stepping I've seen on the net at 2.6ghz on 1.5-1.55v
  9. PS Ed, that must be some cooling you have, 3140 @ 31C What about BIOS, should I pick a different one before I get into the testing to find my max cpu?
  10. Thanks for the advice, what is "stock" voltage for an opty - 1.35? and what is the max I should give it... where should I start? I thought it should do at least 15mhz on stock, but i'm a n00b at A64 o/c.
  11. So maybe just put it down to 120mhz instead of 100? any other ideas?
  12. Hey, I am having some problems trying to overclock my Opty 144 939. Check my Rig specs in my sig. I bought the chip used, here are the specs: I can't seem to get it to post even at 210 HTT when following the O/C guide and turning down the ram divider (100mhz), the LDT Multi (2.5x or 1.0x), setting the CPU Multi manually to 9x. I have it running at 205, but that is only a 45mhz O/C, hardly worth it. Is the chip bad? Here are some CPU-Z shots: And some MBM5 readings, Idle: Load (Prime95): Here is my Venice 3200+ that I can run on my HTPC board easily at 250 HTT (Max of the MB, maybe it could go higher): Any help would be appreciated.
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