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  1. thanks for the quick reply. i am sure it is not the ballistix i mem tested them for 24 hours about a week a go and got no errors. i tested them at 250mhz 3-3-3-8 1t. so i'm sure it's not them. i can try different mem but im 99% sure that isn't the prob. when i boot i get 3 diaognostic lights show up, with the 4th one flashing every 2 seconds, this sequence continues for about 10 seconds then the lights go out 3,2,1 and then i get a long beep and the 1 light remains on and the systems hangs.
  2. Hello all, Sorry to trouble you again but my motherboard is giving me some major grief. It started off when i believe i corrupted my windows install. in a stupid last ditch attempt to save me reformatting i tried flashing to the new 06/04 bios. flash went ok, but when i loaded optimised defaults after flashing it then wouldn't POST. after about 20 clear cmos's and unplugging and replugging i some how managed to get it to boot and everything seemed to work again. i decided to go back to the 23/06 bios and same thing happened again. loaded optimised defaults and now it wont POST. i've tried all the clear cmos things including the 24 hour proper CMOS clear and it still not post. :sad: Is my board dying a death or am i not treating it right?!? i really don't want to have to spend 3 days getting my pc to work everytime i load optimised defaults. could it be on it's way out? i've only had it 8-9 months.
  3. thanks for the suggestions Addiarmadar vcore is set at stock. i set everything back to stock when i started getting problems. I think i will have to do as you say and remove everything from the case and build it back slowly to find the problem.
  4. thanks for the reply baaj i have all 4 power connections plugged into the mobo. i can't currently flash the BIOS back to the orig cos it not POST. i only hope putting a single stick of ram in will allow it to POST so i can flash it back. The PSU is a decent make and hopefully is not causing the problems.
  5. Hello all, I've been having a few problems with an unstable system, but that is the least of my worries. i foolishly installed some SCSI drives with win2003 on and tried loading it on my pc. i think it currupted my windows xp on my IDE HDD! it wouldn't boot windows but i couldn't get to the BIOS. As a last ditch attempt to fix the problem before formating and re-installing XP i flashed the BIOS to the new 06/04 from DFI. it flashed ok and told me to reboot, but upon rebooting it froze on the DFI logo screen. after leaving it 30 mins i rebooted and now it wont POST (by POST i mean i can't get into BIOS) it hangs on the last of the 4 LED lights, which i believe means VGA detected. I've tried clearing CMOS, safe boot, i haven't tried it with just one RAM stick yet? Does anyone have any suggestions? on a side note my exhaust fan header died on me a week ago, could this be related? (i doubt it is) Many Thanks, Rich
  6. lol, why supply a mobo with 5 fan connections and then say don't use them :shake:
  7. i'm pretty sure i've set my fans to run no matter what. i'll double check tho. i tried spinning them to get them started too. as for soldering... lol. thanks for the tips guys. i just hope it's not the surface of a greater problem.
  8. lol, yeah that's what i have been doing. it's just annoying. plus the fan2 is the one used in the smart guardian software so it shows as 0000 and i can't control speed/noise through software
  9. Hello everyone, My exhaust fan power connection (fan2) on my mobo has stopped working. I've tried 2 different fans in the fan2 and fan4 power connections on my mobo and both worked in fan4 but didn't in fan2. Is there any way i can fix it or is it a RMA job? Any comments appreciated. Thanks, Rich
  10. It's probably been asked before but... Will 2 x 7800 GT's c/w arctic cooler NV5rev3 fit into a SLI-D mobo i.e. with SLI bridge?
  11. when testing your mem you need to put the LDT ratio down to about 2.5 so you know it isn't causing you problems. yes you can test one stick at a time, just do exactly as you have been but with only one stick. If you can't get 3-3-3-8 timings at 250 fsb i would be considering RMAing them, but check the crucial website first and see what they say
  12. eh?? if you run HTT @300x9 you will get 2.7ghz and if you run a memory divider of 166mhz (not 266mhz) your memory will be runnning at 200mhz (DDR400)
  13. Which are you trying to overclock first? your CPU or your RAM? i am a bit worried that you get errors in memtest with your RAM running at 250fsb i would re test your RAM - set up your BIOS as if you were trying to find your max RAM speed (as detailed in AMD o/c'ing guide) set your RAM FSB to 250 and run a full memtest. If you get any errors then i think you should contact Crucial and tell them it's not runnig at stated speeds. You may have some duff sticks!
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