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  1. fx 55 san diego with the 250 gb hard drive... or an x2 4200... they are both for around the same price... i mostly do gaming...
  2. syang

    need help

    okay i tried my antec psu and it's still doesn't post... should i just return the mobo and get a new one...
  3. syang

    need help

    yeah i'll pull my antec that's in my current rig to see if that works.. so i'll give that a try
  4. syang

    need help

    msi k8mm-v allied psu 400w amd semprion 64 3000+ western ditigital 260gb sata 2 formated from current rigged kingston value ram 512 mb tested on my current rig and it works that's the basics
  5. syang

    need help

    msi k8mm-v allied psu 400w amd semprion 64 3000+ western ditigital 260gb sata 2 kingston value ram that's the basics
  6. alright guys i'm sorry but this is the best place to post my problems cause the other forums aren't as responsive as you guys... ur always the best... okay now to the problem i just bought an MSI mobo k8mm-v and i can't get it to post... i get power but nothing is showing up on the screen. the mobo comes with a built in video but i will soon switch it to an agp video card. it says in the manual about some jumper settings for the mobo but i can't find them and so the computer doesn't post. power is there, everything is spinning but nothing is happening... i know that is not a dfi board but i would really appreciated if you help me get this rig to work. thank you
  7. i mean i have the card and it still works but i can't play it for long because the capacitors seems to keep on over heating
  8. okay guys i need some help here... i have an old computer with a asus p2b mother board and i only has the 2x agp slot... now i went and got a card that is 2x,4x, 8x compatible card... gigabyte fx5200 card... now i seems to have a problem and keeps on over heatting the card only at the capacitors no where else on the board... so the video card keeps on shutting off... can anyone help me solve this problem... thx in advance
  9. Hey guys what programs do you use to make an image of your computer stuff??? i want to make a back up of my OS... man it was to pain to redo again.... thanks...
  10. but will all my files be deleted??
  11. hi again a new problem i came up upon is that my install shield has been corrupted and i can't install anything anymore... how can i fix this??
  12. hey guys i want to buy a video card for my gf's brothers and they have an fx 5200 video card... i want to upgrade it to something better so that they don't lag as much when playing counter strike source and knight online... something around a hundred dollars or so... oh has to be agp as you should know... thanks
  13. okay i have the xp-90 heat sink on now and ummm when i have the computer on idle the cpu fan just stop completely working... it just goes into a twitch mode... and is idling at 35 even when i have my bios to go full when the cpu is at 40... is there a way i can keep the fan going??? and umm is there fans that has like a remote dial that i can control?? any recommendations?? thanks
  14. okay i'll try just that... the fan is working just fine... it might be that it's not on with good contact... i did take off the plastic...
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