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    Redline 2x1GB 3D issues

    the oc in the sig is outdated..srry
  2. pescadoman

    Redline 2x1GB 3D issues

    I don't feel like shutting down, but i am close to what you have, cept i haven't messed with the timings. somewhere like 290-295 on 9/10 divider. I just ran 3d05, with 2 apps of prime in background, without a glitch. 7911 3dmarks.
  3. pescadoman

    How safe is this? x2 4400+

    hmnnnn, i dont get that hot. this is full load.
  4. pescadoman

    Help. My cpu is always 71c?

    also, it would help to put a sig in..
  5. pescadoman

    Help. My cpu is always 71c?

    For lack of a better answer, I would say call support. It is strange that you get a different temp on the bios. the other temps are higher than mine, but we have different setups. the pwmic and chipset are always hotter for most if not everyone.
  6. pescadoman

    Help. My cpu is always 71c?

    try mbm and see what it says. what is the temp of the pwmic and the chipset, according to SG?
  7. pescadoman

    How safe is this? x2 4400+

    If those readings are full load, I would say you are good as gold.
  8. pescadoman

    How safe is this? x2 4400+

    the shareware doesn't seem to read anything correctly, and I don't see a feature for temps.
  9. pescadoman

    How safe is this? x2 4400+

    it seems everest is discontinued. How about seeing what smart guardian says, so i can better compare?
  10. pescadoman

    X2 4400, need help!

    I got my 4200 running 2.75 at 1.6 volts 24c idle; 42C full load....
  11. pescadoman

    How safe is this? x2 4400+

    BTW. I am running 2.75 @ 1.6 volts as well.
  12. pescadoman

    How safe is this? x2 4400+

    something isn't right. what are you using to record the temps? I have a x2 4200, that is essentially the same cept for the cache, and i don't get over 40c under full load. We share the same case. something just isn't right here. with smartguardian, right now i am at 24c at idle.
  13. pescadoman

    LCD Monitors - Which one to get for gaming?

    I luv my dell 2005 and reviewers do too. Dell has deals all the time and I got mine for 400 and change WITH tax.
  14. well, this actually sheds a bit of light on what happened to me recently. My CPU got SOOO hot that it shut itself down. I thought the fan had stopped working, but it seems fine. I could SMELL the darn thing it got so hot.
  15. pescadoman

    7800GT: XFX (Black?) or EVGA?

    I don't know about the hot/loud, just that I love mine. I also know that the Evga service is pretty....really good, know that I think about it. Somehow my COD2 submission got messed up. I called and left a message, not thinking that i would get a callback(how many companies callback nowadays?). They called back TWICE while I was away. I was able to get in touch with them the next day and they solved my problem with no hassles, something I am not used to... I got my COD2 dvd about a week later and have had none of the problems you mentioned with the card.
  16. pescadoman

    dell 20.1" good?

    NO component connections? Maybe I don't understand what that means. Mine has 2 usb hubs, which i would consider component connections. The backlight is pretty bright, mine has some disparity in the lower right corner that I found unnacceptable; Dell is exchanging it with no problem. All that said, It is a VERY good flat screen. It is capable of playing the latest games with NO ghosting, which is important. Text is very clear and color is also quite good. You may have also researced the the Apple cinema displays. You should know that the 2005 shares the same Phillips panel as their 20 inch that will run you 800.00; the only diffence is the backlight.
  17. pescadoman

    2Gb Mushkin Redline XP4000

    I haven't done too much yet. However, I have them running at 258....22 hours prime stable. Stock timings.
  18. Well.... I was sitting in front of my comp, like I normally do for hours at a time, and I got a faint smell of something getting hot. You know the smell. It rides the air, barely strong enough to identify and, while it is somewhat alarming, you continue on, thinking and hoping one was mistaken. It is only when one's computer shuts down and a closer inspection of the inners of my case that the source becomes clear. The CPU cooling fan had, for some unknown reason, stopped moving and the "smell" was the cpu and it's surroundings. Somehow, it seems to have survived unharmed. The point is....well, I think you get it.
  19. ordered last Friday...got today..
  20. well, you can save at least 130.00 by buying the "oem" windows. Any major distributor will sell you Windows for 100.00 or less with the purchase of hardware.
  21. BTW, the evga cards are less expensive than the XFX, if you would like to save some money. I missed one of their rebates, but I did get cod2 free with the 7800gt CO-360.00. If you are considering a p180 case, there are a couple of comments I would like to make on it. OK, a few. First, the FDD rail stampings on mine were out of tolerance; the plasic rails would not slide into them and after several phone calls and images sent to Antec, I ended up bending them myself so the drive would fit. Second, If you slide the case on the floor at all, the rubber feet will fall off. Lastly, the lower compartment where the psu fits shoud have been designed better or have a guard to prevent wires from contacting the fan that sits between the HDD's and the psu. With multiple HDD's in there, it is difficult to route them away from the fan blades. I keep expecting that one of these days when I leave my computer running, I will come home to chewed up wires. There has already been an instance where the wires jammed the fan and kept it from spinning. I didn't realize this until I noticed how hot my HDD's had gotten.....
  22. I REALLY wish you would stop using the word CHEAP, as "good cheap" typically contradict themselves. I took a QUICK look at the sceptre, and it seems like a very good deal. You are spending alot of money on good components. DON'T skimp on anything here. Incidentally, regarding your choice of HDD's, you should consider startiing with a larger drive, as they aren't much more and will provide you with more latitude. I don't care for Hitatchi, although the 60/7200 in my laptop is one. I went through a bunch(4) of 60 "deathstars" a couple of years ago, and swore off them forever. To be honest, iI believe it was a problem with my PSU at the time, but I just had another crash on this rig. It had been laying around for awhile and had a bunch of songs on it that I never backed up. Anyway, it worked fine for about a week and then failed. This wouldn't have bothered me so much, but when I called(again) Hitachi, they refused to RMA it. Apparently, they changed their warranty a couple of times in the last 5 years. The drive that I bought was only covered for a year(it's dated April 03). Even though I explained my previous "bad luck", they refused to do anything about it. I don't know how much a 60 gig costs to produce, if they even produce the for DT's anymore, but it would seem like a token of good faith to have replaced it. On the brighter side of things, I now know what the inside of a HDD looks like.
  23. pescadoman

    These gonna work for me?

    You'll have to be patient. I ordered this kit a few days ago and they still haven't become available from Mushkin. I ordered them directly.
  24. If you are gaming and graphic editing(photoshop???), maybe you would be better off with a used crt. I own the 2005 and it IS fast enough(response times wise) to play games and the color rendition is pretty good. However, I still have a Sony G520 as part of my dual setup for critical photo editing. If the response time of the monitor is slow, you will get ghosting in games. I don't remember too much about the other monitors that I looked at(I researched for 2 months), but in the end I went with the Dell and don't regret it at all. It appears that you are going topshelf with MOST of your gear, so let me suggest that you don't skimp on the one component that you will be looking at EVERY time you play on your computer......the monitor. BTW, the 2005 shares the same Phillips panel with the MUCH higher price Apple Cinema display, but you probably knew that . The difference is the backlight.
  25. pescadoman

    DFI virgin

    The ram could use 2.8 volts as well.... CPU vid special 110% Try that first.....