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  1. I don't feel like shutting down, but i am close to what you have, cept i haven't messed with the timings. somewhere like 290-295 on 9/10 divider. I just ran 3d05, with 2 apps of prime in background, without a glitch. 7911 3dmarks.
  2. hmnnnn, i dont get that hot. this is full load.
  3. For lack of a better answer, I would say call support. It is strange that you get a different temp on the bios. the other temps are higher than mine, but we have different setups. the pwmic and chipset are always hotter for most if not everyone.
  4. try mbm and see what it says. what is the temp of the pwmic and the chipset, according to SG?
  5. If those readings are full load, I would say you are good as gold.
  6. the shareware doesn't seem to read anything correctly, and I don't see a feature for temps.
  7. it seems everest is discontinued. How about seeing what smart guardian says, so i can better compare?
  8. I got my 4200 running 2.75 at 1.6 volts 24c idle; 42C full load....
  9. BTW. I am running 2.75 @ 1.6 volts as well.
  10. something isn't right. what are you using to record the temps? I have a x2 4200, that is essentially the same cept for the cache, and i don't get over 40c under full load. We share the same case. something just isn't right here. with smartguardian, right now i am at 24c at idle.
  11. I luv my dell 2005 and reviewers do too. Dell has deals all the time and I got mine for 400 and change WITH tax.
  12. well, this actually sheds a bit of light on what happened to me recently. My CPU got SOOO hot that it shut itself down. I thought the fan had stopped working, but it seems fine. I could SMELL the darn thing it got so hot.
  13. I don't know about the hot/loud, just that I love mine. I also know that the Evga service is pretty....really good, know that I think about it. Somehow my COD2 submission got messed up. I called and left a message, not thinking that i would get a callback(how many companies callback nowadays?). They called back TWICE while I was away. I was able to get in touch with them the next day and they solved my problem with no hassles, something I am not used to... I got my COD2 dvd about a week later and have had none of the problems you mentioned with the card.
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