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  1. Good luck everyone. Nice gesture. My guess is 79, the year my wife was born.
  2. Where are you? Do you have an ebay account, if so what name?
  3. One of my favourates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBXal1GAA4A One for WiFi'ers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVov6NJU2tk
  4. Photocopier tech specialist/network specialist, Basic IT support, sales support in UK. You name it, they ask me to do it, no-one else stupid enough to put the long hours in or prepared to sit down and learn about IT. I'm a self certified geek, buying bits to rebuild an SGI 320 system, and my garage and roof is full of old servers and pc's. We have PC world over here in the UK, and it's just the same. You probably have a couple of guys who know there stuff and the rest will tell you what you want to hear.
  5. Hi I noticed that the message had been looked at 10 times but no reply. Then I read your message and realised why. Can you ellaborate on what you want or are trying to do? No offence intended, just trying to get you a response.
  6. I know DNS lookup can cause all sorts of problems, if a website you have been to has changesd and you go back you can get issues with it not loading correctly, or not loading at all.
  7. Anakins a geek! I don't think they are sdram. I understood that sdram had two cutouts where the pins are. They doo look like EDO ram though, just look at the size of the contacts. In otherwords, useless, unless you have an old MAC, or a P1 system.
  8. you could try flushing your dns cache using: Start-run-cmd enter ipconfig /flushdns Are you using a usb modem? I know they can drop the line if you dont use it for even a second or two. Have a look in the connection settings of ie6 for disconnection times etc. P.s. Put together a sig quick, just stating the components you have.
  9. I would presume Suse 9.2 cannot see your chipset, as it is brand new. Try getting hold of the latest verion of Suse, and see what happens. Suse 9.2 is ancient in the world of Linux, and I think that's your problem. Look at Mepis, Suse, Fedora Core, see what they offer.
  10. We did say it would be loud. At least you didn't go for that thermaltake venus 12 (I think).
  11. I must say, I love my Mushkin. Very fast, stable and never had any problems in any of the boards I've owned. DDR400 has been running at DDR500 speed, hehe.
  12. You can tell you're a good guy. Hope they're not too hard on you. Point them in the direction of this forum, to show them that you are an enthusiast and into supporting people, not trashing the system.
  13. Current desktop with christmas lists. http://www.appleupgrade.co.uk/Desktop.jpg
  14. My only thought would be the Arctic Cooling Freezer64 pro cooler. I think the retaining mechanism is the same way round on an NF4 as it is the NF3 Ultra-D I have. If you don't mod the 64pro so it sits diferently, the fan will push air up to the psu or down to the back of the graphics card, not towards the rear of the case. See my sig for a pic. As I found out tonight on mine, you can twirt them round so they do fire out the back, and it made a good 5c difference. It's a lot of hassle though, so if I were doing it again, I'd go for a thermalright cooler with an adjustable quiet fan, such as a Zalman ZM-F3
  15. I thought about putting a portable aircon unit in front of my pc, blowing at it. I even thought of putting my pc in my car, just so I could run the aircon full blast to get over 3Ghz. The thought of all my neighbours looking at me stopped me though.
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