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  1. Yes, Oblivion is cpu limited aspecially with 2 7800gt's, but as you increase your resolution and you cards get used more, your cpu is still doing the same amount of work and should still hold back your computer till your res is high enough to stress your cards more. What is most likely is happening is when you first open an app or game not everything gets loaded into the ram and therefore runs slightly slower the first time then when you continue to use it or load another quick save it gets a little more into the ram and then slightly faster.
  2. I believe that CCC will up the volts on your card when you turn overdrive on. Try rasing your volts to see if that helps.
  3. Oh I forgot about their TV tuners. I wasn't sure if it would work, but I have seen some non crossfire/sli boards that have 2 PCI-E 16x slots.
  4. I am thinking about buying a x1300 AWI card to watch tv on my computer, but I am wondering if I can use it with my x1900. Does anyone have any experience with running 2 cards at once that arent in crossfire or sli?
  5. I know on the Expert atleast there are settings for PCIE slots built into the BIOS, I don't know if its the same for the SLI-DR, but it couldn't hurt to check. I also did something similar with my x1900xt, moved it from the top slot to the bottom, and performance went down a bit till I changed a setting. I also had to reinstall ATI's drivers after moving the card. You might have to do that with nvidia's.
  6. I did up the voltage up to 1.5 and it didn't seem much better than 1.35, but thanks for your suggestion. After resetting the bios it hasn't crashed for ~5 hours.
  7. I did and it seems to have gained a little stability. I'm running Prime 95 right now.
  8. A couple of days ago I ran Prime 95 to check for the stability of my system. It ran for over 12 hours without error, so I upped my OC from 230HT to 237HTT my cpu went from 2530 to 2600. It wasn't stable and I couldn't get it to be stable. After playing with the volts for both my cpu and ram, and a couple of other settings the only way I could get it to boot was to remove one stick of ram. Right now the computer boots but crashes every half hour or so. The current settings are: cpu 2530mhz 1.4 volts muilt 11x ram 230mhz 2.7 vots 3-4-4-10 no divided (it crashed with a divided) Htt muilt 4x I am think there is a problem with my cpu becouse prime 95 crashes the computer and i can't run 2 instances of supper_pi_mod without error. I have been running this computer for over 6 months and load temps never go above 38c, at one point my cpu was at 2.8ghz but not stable. Could I have killed my cpu with having it do something its done before?
  9. I had a similar problem with my nf3, but now what so ever with my fortron and expert
  10. AMDs are VERY differant that intel cpus. If it works on an intel system that doesnt mean it will work on an AMD.
  11. Just like the guy above me said. I wouldn't mind it as long as it doesn't add much to price and they aren't crap.
  12. All AMD boards do not have offical support for anything higher than DDR400, that is basically what it is saying in your manual. BUT you have DDR500 so you will have to manually set it there. Your RAM should be running at dual channel not single. The only way for this to happen with two sticks is to have them in slots right next to each other. If you do this you will get instability. This could be your problem. Change them to either 2 orange or 2 yellow slots. I can't recall if its 2 orange slots on the Ultra like it is on the Expert.
  13. It has been my experience that 3dmarks and other synthetic benchmarks are only truely affected by raw cpu/gpu power and low latency ram. Unfortunitly this isn't the always the same in really world apps. And there are a few games out there such as doom 3 that have timedemos and other ways of benchmarking games.
  14. The 939 bus is STOCK at 1000mhz 754 is stock at 800mhz. Yes going over may cause instability, but at 250x4 it is at stock speed and should have no problems. One other way to gain stability is to lower the cpu muiltplyer. It looks good. The only bottleneck could be your operating frequencys, but that is what you overclock. Don't push it to hard to fast and watch your temps.
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