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  1. Well, it turns out I have a lot of bad RAM in my house lol. On a side note, is it a good idea for me to keep that floppy connector plugged in all the time? Doe it help with stability at all?
  2. I tried it but ran into a problem. After I booted up I get these beeps. I only get beeps when the sound jumper is on though.
  3. So I would have to get it though 'that guy'. I was hoping if it came down to this I could purchase it from DFI. Right now that TMOD site has every page set to the same thing... How much do you think one of these would cost?
  4. Hmm, this only happens when I have the speaker set to the on position.
  5. Ok, thank you guys for the link, but it didn't work. After I release the Insert key and hit Delete I get more beeps. It was a steady one beep sequence, I remember there is chart for this error code somewhere..I forget. EDIT: I mean the beep goes like this -- -- -- -- -- --
  6. Hello all, I think this is my first post, anyways.. I have a few rigs but right now I'm trying to concentrate on the FX rig in my signature. Unfortunately I messed up and booted up with the CMOS jumper in the clear position. Now when I boot up, lights, optical drives, hard drives and fans all go on. I get one beep and nothing on the screen = Friends have told me this is fixable by purchasing a new BIOS ROM. Is this the case? If so where can I purchase one of these? I'm not sure as to the BIOS version as I purchased this from somebody else.
  7. Issues Resolved in Version 81.87 This following are changes made and issues resolved since driver version 81.85 Single GPU Issues Resolved • GeForce 6 and 7 Series GPUs, Windows XP: Improved compatibility and performance on GPUs when playing Call of Duty 2. • GeForce 7800 GT/GTX: Reflections are corrupt when set to high in Serious Sam 2. • GeForce 7800 GT/GTX: There is screen corruption when panning in overscan shift mode. • GeForce 7800 GT/GTX: Cyan-colored pixels appear randomly on the water tower in F.E.A.R. • GeForce Go 7800 GTX, Sager system: LCD compressed scaling mode is not retained after rebooting the system. • GeForce 6800: After switching playback from one DVR-MS file to another, the second file experiences dropped frames. • GeForce 6800 GT, GeForce FX 5950 Ultra: Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault has sky and ship rendering artifacts. • GeForce 6800/ 6600: Silent Hunter III characters located outside experience random fogging effects. • GeForce 6600: When applying a new resolution on a Samsung 30ʺ CRT via DVI, the resolution reverts after rebooting the system. • GeForce 6600, HDTV, Windows XP MCE: The mouse cursor disappears after when opening the MCE extensions resize Desktop option with MCE in fullscreen mode. • GeForce 6600, Windows XP MCE 2005: Fluctuation in video brightness and color occurs when running a 1080i.ts file using VMR9. • GeForce 6150/6100: Playing an HD MPEG2 clip while another is playing causes corruption on the bottom half of the playback window. • GeForce 6150/6100: The lower half of the screen fails to render at 512x384 or lower resolution. 4 N V I D I A C o r p o r a t i o n C h a p t e r 2 : R e l e a s e 8 0 D r i v e r I s s u e s I s s u e s Re s o l v e d i n Ve r s i o n 8 1 . 8 7 • GeForce 6150/6100: Video tears when playing back MPEG HD clips with latest WinDVD. • GeForce FX 5900: Water rendering corruption occurs in Links 2003. SLI Related Issues Resolved • GeForce 7800 GTX, SLI: The Apple 30ʺ display loses sync when installing the driver. • GeForce 7800 GT/GTX, SLI: Rendering corruption occurs in 3D applications when fixed aspect ratio is set for widescreen panels. • GeForce 7800 GT/GTX, SLI: With SLI mode enabled using AFR2, the opening video in Tiger Woods 2006 does not render. • GeForce 7800 GT/GTX, GeForce 6800 Ultra, SLI: The NVIDIA panel intermittently prompts for a reboot after enabling dynamic SLI coming out of Dualview. • [sLI]: It is not possible to reliably switch the output to a specific display after enabling SLI. • [sLI]: The screen goes blank after switching to the flat panel display on the second GPU once after rebooting the system. From the horses mouth.. I wonder if they'll up the frames a little.
  8. Hey guys you might know me from a different forum, prolly not lol. Well I have two 160GB Seagate HDDs that I would like to put into RAID 0. I thought I was far too cool to look it up and I tried just going into this blindy . I have the jumpers on both HDDs set to master.. I have the Master/Slave IDE setting enabled in the BIOS. When I booted up after that I saw a new prompt that said f10 for raid. So I went in and set the mode to Striping and the block size to 128k, (is that correct?). Then I added both of the HDDs to the right side. So I tried to install windows Home (winXP Home + SP2 disk). I don't remember exactly where I got ablue screen but it was little after the part where you set your time and time zone. When I get the BSOD I think it said something about windows had to shut down to aviod damage. I think it said try to disable shadowing and some thing about cache.. I don't remember it was like 430 last night lol. Another thing after I get the BSOD when I go into the BIOS it doesn't see the HDDs.. I have to go into auto detect to get them to show up. Any help would be very appreciated. Takes a long time to format 300gigs lol =/.
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