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  1. o.o didnt see the post , thanks man 1.5- 1.55 sounds good its occt stable all the way to 3108 mgz then i cant post but thats at 1.35 v the jamesvolta , ya know when i bought that powersupply it was the in thing about 1.5 years ago but ya ima need to upgrade it Ill keep ya all posted
  2. So I dumped dfi 939 ultra and got fatality board, processor and memory I want to stretch her legs a bit and was wondering what is a safe voltage? I searched and couldnt find anything good , but angry did one @1.35 volts sounds weak but i dont know. She is a windsor 1.30/1.35 volts is stock on box Anyone played with this Fata1ity board ? just wondering and dont want to post on the mobo section.
  3. Honey Brown, and Cream Ale are my favorites I just cant hang with Canadians when it comes to drinking , Canadian Girls have been known to out drink me !! And that is like 8-10 beers after 3-4 hours LOL
  4. o.o both great replies , I havent done anything with the rest of the partition, so my guess is , that is what i am seeing , the partitiion , that is untill i format the remainder. I am at work now , so as soon as i get wifes approval (LOL) im on it ! thanks all
  5. Yes , thats where i see it , control panel , disks when i boot , it shows them all , but when , i look at a test or what not , it only shows 9gb Yes im using xp Thanks for quick reply
  6. Listen and please help So a few days ago I was talkign to some of my Canadian friends, they said i should do Raid 0 with 2 Raptors. long story short , I ordered em , and got them yesterday along with Sleemans beer directly from Canada, (good friends eh?) Set up the raid thanks to Angry's guide , but small problem I followed his guide to a T .... I set the partition at 9550 mb .......... Dam Sleemans Beer was SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO good So what now , my raid runs perfect but it only shows 9gig drive Please dont flame me cuz I am a noob
  7. i run a 9/10 divider so mine is just over 250mghz
  8. ill post em later tonight so you guys can see . Im playing BF2 now
  9. I have gone as low as 8 and it wasnt good for me
  10. Caebron, I have the exact processor e6 and guess what i hit a wall at 2700 , i can be stable at 2690 but my memory suffers Right now i am running 2680 1.62 volts thats it , thats all she wrote , i have tried more volts , it does no good sorry i dont think your going to get it any higher but i would lower that voltage because your actually over 1.7 volts with that config i have heard of people overvolting at 1.7 on other forums Keep in touch
  11. Are you trying to install a bios to a card and it says DOS is corrupt ? If so the , actually the new bios is prob corrupt. Try redownloading it and put it on a clean floppy
  12. is there a certain stepping i should look for ?
  13. Well i am a gamer my processor is just fine but i want more mgz look at my sig , i dont want to buy diff memory I want a processor thats good gaming and overclock my venice hits a wall at 2.7 so i was hoping for around 3 ghz on air or more any help would be great thanks
  14. OMG i turned it off and im 3.5 ghz stable !!!!!!!!!! yea right ill turn it off tmrw im going to play some games tonight
  15. mines at 50% atm im stable at 268x10 1.62 volts should i turn it off then?
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