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  1. Hi I'm looking for a notebook for about $400-$2000 that is brandnew and frmo a reliable store and that can be shipped internationally. things over in australia are about 500$ more expensive so i want to try to buy one from america if possible. any recomendations woudl be appreciated.. thanks in advance
  2. when i turn on zone alarm it messes with my msn and i cant see other ppls display pics. i have to send them a fiel first and this takes liek 5 miunts to get started. Whats going on??? ive disabled the IM security but it still does it can anyone help me please? thanks
  3. Whenever i get into a gmae it lagssssssss really bad. like 10 fps i can play bf2 without lag on the highest setigns no problems so im tihnking it mite be the internet. How can i fix this? i thought it might be someone stealing my net through wifi but i can still play bf2 and dl at full speed... what esle coudl be making it lag???? any help woudl be aprciated. thanks
  4. i know that u can use a psone lcd screen adn some others, but can a psp lcd be used? thanks
  5. how mcuh do these lcds cost? adn where can u get them?
  6. will it run on a dfi nf4 ultra d ? what connectors does it use. how much shipping to australia
  7. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=44702 and if u read the stickys you;ll find that angry has done a test and cpu mhz wins
  8. donest overclock bad but opterons overclock better
  9. $300us wow hows the performance compared to an athlon64 on 939 running at 3ghz or a fx or an opteron runnign at 3ghz?
  10. how mcuh do 4000+ newarks cost? where can u get thme? i googled and it jsut came up with newark american somthing which is not it lol
  11. is fear the pc version? do u have the actual game? how muhc for shipping on that to australia
  12. actualyl i had a broken cpu adn the mb wouldn not turn on at all as soon as i took it out it worked, albeit without a cpu
  13. if i can use lower volts, it woudl probably still be 1.5 and more so i duno if its worth it
  14. what? so the fx won even though the cpu adn ram are clocked slower?
  15. hey..whoops i ment 520 not 560 in the title lol quick aquamakr 3 test: 2.7ghz with 491mhz - 11200 2.6 with 520mghz - 19000 but i tihnk i have to have the same volts for both any 2.6 and 2.7ghz (1.55)
  16. hmmmmmmmmmm looks like i have to do some benchmarks to see who is right
  17. Which configuration should i do? wchih willbe more benefical and why? thanks
  18. lol look at ur sig...as if its 380x9
  19. i dont know why ppl dont liek 1.55 volts but its workign fine for me
  20. Hey guys. I am running my opteron at 300x9 with 1.5 volts and my ram at 495 but i want ot change that to ddr600 @ 2t is that worth it? and how do you actually change the memory to 2t?
  21. yeh.techonodanvan. i agree with u. doing stuff is a lot mroe painless. expecially with 2gb ram
  22. im running my 0551 at 2.7ghz with 1.55volts in bios but 1.52 in cpuz. ram is on 166 divider i think and is runnign at 495mhz. cant squeeze that extra 5 mhhz out of it that it is rated for but ow well. temps are aobut 40-50 degrees and pwmmic is aobut the same. i cant remeber what they are exaclty but they seem to go down if the AS5 has been in there longer.
  23. does every1 here buy their windows?
  24. Hi im using nero to convert and burn my AVI to a dvd format so i can watch it on tv, but whenever it gest to about 30 miutnes into the video, the audio loses sync? how come it does this and how cna i fix it?? thanks
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