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  1. Hi I'm looking for a notebook for about $400-$2000 that is brandnew and frmo a reliable store and that can be shipped internationally. things over in australia are about 500$ more expensive so i want to try to buy one from america if possible. any recomendations woudl be appreciated.. thanks in advance
  2. when i turn on zone alarm it messes with my msn and i cant see other ppls display pics. i have to send them a fiel first and this takes liek 5 miunts to get started. Whats going on??? ive disabled the IM security but it still does it can anyone help me please? thanks
  3. Whenever i get into a gmae it lagssssssss really bad. like 10 fps i can play bf2 without lag on the highest setigns no problems so im tihnking it mite be the internet. How can i fix this? i thought it might be someone stealing my net through wifi but i can still play bf2 and dl at full speed... what esle coudl be making it lag???? any help woudl be aprciated. thanks
  4. i know that u can use a psone lcd screen adn some others, but can a psp lcd be used? thanks
  5. how mcuh do these lcds cost? adn where can u get them?
  6. will it run on a dfi nf4 ultra d ? what connectors does it use. how much shipping to australia
  7. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=44702 and if u read the stickys you;ll find that angry has done a test and cpu mhz wins
  8. donest overclock bad but opterons overclock better
  9. $300us wow hows the performance compared to an athlon64 on 939 running at 3ghz or a fx or an opteron runnign at 3ghz?
  10. how mcuh do 4000+ newarks cost? where can u get thme? i googled and it jsut came up with newark american somthing which is not it lol
  11. is fear the pc version? do u have the actual game? how muhc for shipping on that to australia
  12. actualyl i had a broken cpu adn the mb wouldn not turn on at all as soon as i took it out it worked, albeit without a cpu
  13. if i can use lower volts, it woudl probably still be 1.5 and more so i duno if its worth it
  14. what? so the fx won even though the cpu adn ram are clocked slower?
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