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  1. I recently bought a Dremel with bunch of drilling accessories and I managed to fit 92 mm and 80 mm exhaust fan at the back of the case. Did any of you guys do a mod that fits 120 mm fans at the front for intake? The only noise problem that I have is i am running two 80 mm fans at the front, which make whining sounds and drives me crazy. I use Aspire fans for the 80 mm. I recently bought a Silverstone 120 mm with fan speed control and I am thinking of ways to put this fan at the front.
  2. Maybe the ????'s are supposed to be Asian characters? Try reinstalling Windows Global IME. I had that problem when the folder names and file names that were supposed to be in Japanese characters turned all into bunch of question marks.
  3. The only type of freeze I encountered when playing Source is Zonalarm was interfering with the internet connection. Can you describe the type of freeze-no key press detection or mouse doesn't work?
  4. I wouldn't really worry up to that extent, but I know how you feel. I also get frustrated when things don't work perfectly as it is expected to. I guess DFI is far from being perfect at even the smallest issues. But the rebooting when opening such programs seems to be an excellent built-in security feature that they added and I think it is very good idea to do that like protecting the product serial numbers and etc.
  5. I never had the instant failure on my lan. Howver, when I played CS source for about 20-30 minutes, the internet connection drops. I fixed this issue by turning off Zone Alarm firewall. Did and of you guys had this similar issue with Zone Alarm and nVidia LAN without installing the ActiveArmor.
  6. I wonder, does removing the stock chipset fan void the warranty or when you remove the thermal pads?
  7. The reboots and shutdowns upon opening of the programs that seek information about your motherboard is a knownm issue for the expert motherboards for I have the same problem opening the Sisoft motherboard information and when initializing Speedfan. I am pretty sure the BIOS update will fix this problem. I do not recommend using those programs again. I only use what came with the CD-Smartguardian for monitoring and fan speed controls. I do not need any other software to mess with the fan controls. Since DFI approved the use of the tools and utilities that came with your CD, I just stick to them. However, I never installed nTune software because I heard it could damage your hardware if used unappropriately in the auto overclocking features. I don't crash when playing Half Life 2, Counter Strike, nor War Craft 3.
  8. I heard the new opteron series for 939 socket are based on the FX core, so you are basically running two FX's on the 165. I would prefer 165, as it is a new class of processor than the X2 series. Especially if you are a DFI owner, consider buying the Optys.
  9. If it is becoming a serious problem, you should consider reformatting your whole hard drive.
  10. I do not recommend going into standby mode. But I simply shut down the computer for it seems safer and I also experience the increase in temperature by 15 degrees. This bug was witnessed even when I had the Ultra-D. I just hope DFI fixes this error.
  11. The freezing could also be a registry error. I had my experiences installing bunch of programs at once and tried to run windows xp without registry cleaning nor compacting. Results were terrible, I froze upon closing a Java applet window and I had to restart my whole computer evrytime. I ran registry clean and everything works fine.
  12. Well actually I have my lap top. However, the problem is finally solved, I am running Firefox 1.0.4 and I installed Java last after installing everything else and running the whole registry cleaning procedure. After I did that, Java works without any crashes. I have always thought the problem lies withing the registry. Well, thanks for replying to my issue.
  13. You know what you should do, just get up to 5 registry cleaning softwares and clean up the registry clutter and compact it. I did that and my hard drive boots up in windows xp very fast (like the blue bar moves to the end for only one loop, if you know what I mean). My hard drive is 16 mb cache and sata II though.
  14. I did not even connect to the internet after installing everything. I first installed Windows XP on this new expert mobo and I installed all the other components like the word processor, java standard edition for programming, and Java 1.5 JRE, and Firefox 1.5, and plenty of other multimedia softwares. After installing and configuring everything withing two hours, I ran an applet that I programmed with firefox 1.5, it worked without crashes. But, after I cleaned up the registry with 5 different registry scanners, I started to hang up. The registry scanning softwares include PC Bug Doctor, Registry Mechanic, Registry Medic, Sytem Mechanic, and WinASO Registry Optimizer. This may have been the problem, but before, it used to work perfectly fine on my laptop even with all these registry scans. I am beginning to think Firefox 1.5 release is causing this. So, I am reformatting my hard drive and I am installing firefox 1.0.7 and Java 5 last after initial registry scans. Wish me luck!
  15. I installed Java 1.5 Update 5 and and installed Firefox 1.5 and whenever I close an applet window (or closing the browser) my whole computer freezes and hangs. Then I have to press the reset button to restart. Do any of you experience this issue? Could it be my memory? I ran the MemTest86 for 6 hours straight no errors. Is it because Firefox and Java 1.5 don't go together?
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