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  1. Due to a defunct Enermax PSU, there was - sadly - no way to heat up the pad. Which meant it was, strictly, hammer and chisel time for the chipset. Didn't know that they arrived with a heat pad to start with, though. Is this standard on most motherboards ? If so, I'll need to remove it from the chipset during the next CPU upgrade, before I emplace the new cpu's mobo. You live and learn.
  2. Decided to get the OCZ 2GB Platinum XTC DDR-500 PC-4000 OCZP5002GXTC-K, and now installed with the VC-RE upgrade to the chipset cooler and a new PSU (old one smoked...) Now to try and OC it... :cool: Thanks for the help.
  3. Just finished fitting a VC-RE onto my SLI-DR, and finding that the chipset runs about 25-30C cooler than it did before (when the stock fan stopped working, yet the board ran on...) What I found with mobo, was that the stock chipset cooler was very hard to remove compared to the demonstation in the movie. After a bit of pulling, I found that the reason it'd been so problematic to loosen, was the interface between cooler and chipset was some kinda sulphur yellow concrete (presumably the remnants of a melted heat pad). This meant that to get any kind of decent interface between the chipset and the VC-RE, I'd to carefully (for this read "VERY, VERY carefully") strip away the yellow nonsense with a combination of Isopropanol administrations, and then some gentle scraping with a tiny flat head screwdriver. I wondered if this was common to have a factory heat pad, instead of the AS5 (shown in the movie) on your SLI-DR mobo? I hope in future, DFI ditches the stock cooler, and just fits some decent VC-REs.
  4. Thanks folks, for all the replies and help. I still can't get a handle on whether the OCZ or the G.Skill's are best, though. I've also read some things about Mushkin Redline memory, which imply they are worth consideration too. If there's not much different between the three, except on price, then that may be the deciding factor. Do you know of any definite links for the G.Skill Extreme's? I couldn't be certain that the modules I saw, had the UCCC suffix you mentioned tasr.
  5. Are the OCZ XTC Gold PC-4000's a lot slower than my current OCZ PC4800 (2 x 512Mb's)? Should I be going for a faster memory than I currently own, or is a lower rated PCxxxx memory type just as good? I've read a bit about the Crucial Ballistix lines . Do they seem like a worthwhile purchase as against another OCZ purchase?
  6. It's great that UK suppliers are getting these now. But it strikes me as madness that it's STILL cheaper to buy it from the USA, and have it flown across the Atlantic, than to buy it from a shop in this country. UK price from Shiny (inc. Deliv.) = £12.16 USA price from Jab-Tech (inc. Deliv.) = $18.45 = (using xe.com) £9.68 But the upside to using a UK supplier is, that if you have any problems with the product you have a UK address to contact and you are aiding UK businesses to grow.
  7. I'm in the mood do some upgrades on my board now that I've got hold of a VC-RE cooler - which, hopefully, will solve some of my chipset cooling problems. I'd like to get 2 Gb of memory for my motherboard (as sig. ), and am wondering what others would recommend as the best to use for overclocking. Price is not of tremendous consequence, but under £200 (US$ 380) would be nice. Any reviews you could list would be of great help as well. Thanks for any input
  8. Thanks Kandoo. Jab-tech sent me the cooler today. I'd try the 'Akasa Tim Clean' Dark Horse, but I wonder if there's anything sold in the UK which is closer to the 91% isopropyl alcohol used in preparing the surfaces of both the chip and the cooler (mentioned in the VC-RE installation video) before application of the Artic Silver 5, and positioning of the cooler? What about the 2-step Articlean?! A worthwhile purchase?
  9. I can't find a supplier of Isopropyl Alcohol in the UK. What is a suitable alternative product, available in the UK, for cleaning the thermal transfer agent residue from the chip (as specified in the Evercool video, posted on DFI-Street)?
  10. Any ideas where to buy the Evercool VC-RE fan in the UK? A google/yahoo search did not turn up any leads...
  11. Are there known fan problems with the stock chipset cooler, on the DFI NF4 SLI-DR mobo? My chipset fan was exceptionally noisy over the past few months It has, however, been inoperative for the past few weeks. With the rising summer ambient temperatures, this is becoming more of a concern for me. When I installed SmartGuardian today, it registered the temperature as 74°C . Even jus' turning the fan with my finger - to get is started - resulted in a marked downward leap in the chipset temperature to a Smartguardian registered 61°C. Unfortunately, the fan stops working again after 2-5 minutes. Any ideas on a workable resolution to the problem?
  12. Finally got windows to install. Have no idea why it would see the drives this time, but it didn't need the drivers disk at all. The drives were seen first time, and windows installed in 40 minutes - with the slipstreamed XPSP2 working perfectly (was a straight slipstream build, not an nLite alteration). I'm pleased to report that everything seems fine with the drives, bt alas, my old IBM deskstar, on which were held a variety of applications is now defunct. Have had to download every application - and several windows updates - to CD, then transfer them to the new box...but a small price to pay for a sleek running machine. Thanks all, for the help.
  13. What is a hologram disk?! Should Windows not need the correct chipset drivers to enable the disks to be seen?
  14. Yep. I thought it seemed a good deal, from the price/size and the reccommendation from Sharky Extreme, in connection with the SLI-DR mobo....but it's not proving to have been a good choice at the moment.
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