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  1. Thats what I did read that made me think "I want that"
  2. Tempted to buy another drive to make it 3 I don't really need one but just feel like keeping myself busy with some extra hardware. Anybody going to talk me out of it? Tell me I am wasting my money or something
  3. Now that would be something................unless one of them fail before you backed up most of your work
  4. I should also point out that his system spec is as follows, something I'm sure he didn't mentioned to his educated people. AMD Athlon 2500 Barton Mobile Abit NF7 1GB Corsair 2 WD Raptors + Some other drive for storage Radeon 9600 grfx card If it was any of you guys would you be thinking of upgrading to 2 more WD Raptors? :confused: Anyway I had my say he has had his say and I will leave him to it, no sense in arguing about computer hardware.
  5. My friend had this to say after I spoke to him about getting Hitacachi's "u make me laugh!!! i have spoke to some very educated people and they laughed at me!! i told them what u were saying. native command queuing is still at a early stage and aint used by many drives. the fact ur making a big deal about ncq drives, none of the drives are as good as rapters yet. but the technology is good and is going to get better. rapters used tagged command queuing subsystem which is very similar to ncq. also i was told that ncq works better with P4 processors with hyperthreading run systems than AMD systems. one final thing, m/b has to support ncq technology." Our dispute is that I say my drives are on par with his Raptors, benches speak for themselves. He says that Raptors are so much more better. I tried to explain that in the reviews he read that the SATA controllers are nowhere near as good as the DFI Nforce controller.
  6. As I said my mistake, I'll blame it on the overclockers site Thanks for your help
  7. No SATA II??? My god what is DFI thinking? :confused: After looking at this add I thought it did have SATA II "Promise PDC40719 controller supports 4 SATA-II drives in RAID 0/1/0+1/5", my mistake http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Socket_939.html
  8. Hi guys I was recently talking to a friend who was thinking of upgrading to 4 x 36G Raptors and he asked me what I thought, he already has 2 so he wants to buy 2 more. I immediately told him that I think it would be better to settle for 3 SATA II drives like the Hitachi’s as I am already running 2 in RAID mode and I am on par with Raptors from what I have seen in the benches. What I want to know is what do you guys think? Is he crazy spending so much money on Raptors? What sort of performance is he going to gain? I want you guys to help make his mind up so be as detailed in your opinions as possible please
  9. Hi guys, I am thinking about buying one of these boards but waiting for the BIOS to mature a little first. Just a couple of quick questions to ask about this board How does the SATA II Raid controller compare to the Ultra D. Has anybody been successful overclocking this board at all, and if so how is it performing? By the way great Forum for us DFI users, keep it up
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