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  1. firefox, I find it more accessable than opera
  2. I realize that everyone will recomend G.skill or OCz or Mushkin but they are all v expensive. I am looking/wondering if cheaper modules will work in this system, I probably shouldnt have mentioned overclocking as I dont really care if I have to run the RAM at stock speed. I notice that u are using value RAM on your NF4, have u had any issues?
  3. Im building a system for a friend on a budget at the moment. Its based around a LanParty UT nF3 250Gb and his 3000+ newcastle, and I need advice on some relatively cheap 2x512 modules for this system, He's looking to spend around £60 (about $90 i think) I have found these for £70:(Link) Can anyone suggest anything cheaper that will definately be compatible and have a little OC potential?
  4. When I was building my rig I remember comming across a table of AMD CPUs and their respective max multiplier, just tried searching the forums for it and cant find it, so could anyone point me in the right direction?
  5. that sucks, I really hope the pair I have doesnt die. Does that mean Crucial are no longer making ballistix (even for RMA)? Last time I spoke to them they told me they were still producing the sticks, but only for RMA purposes
  6. Ive never had any problems ordered and I've number of things from them, but I also have never had to RMA anything EDIT: I got my PSU in one of there week only offers for about £75 i think
  7. I like my enermax 600W Noisetaker (on DFIs recomended list) and its "only" £92 from http://www.overclockers.co.uk
  8. LOL im living with a scouser and a Man U supporter (unsurprisingly from wales ), I dont go into the room if theyre playing each other.
  9. A scouser living in manchester? I also like http://www.overclockers.co.uk/ and http://www.over-clock.co.uk/
  10. I think the core clock shows more of a preformance increase, but I may be wrong. You could test which has a larger influence on preformance yourself using 3dMark05 or whatever.. just need to put one at stock speeds and overclock the other and visa versa
  11. I thought you cant up the voltages on the 7800 GTX only on the GT using a volt mod. If it is possible I would love to know how, and how safe it is BTW nice overclock
  12. I voted for yes, but I dont think thermalright need to design a new heatsink Id just love it if they started reproducing the old SLK948U which IMO is perfect for a naked CPU, just extremly hard to get at the moment
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