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  1. Just wanted to throw you a bone and thank you for keeping up with this. I haven't posted here since it was the "street", I was sad to see it go, but I am so glad you guys have kept up with this. I can't tell you how many times I have used my Tmod's CD! Great work guys!
  2. Great man, I am still testing the cpu with this new bios but once I get to the RAM I'll certainly implement your input. It's truly appreciated! :cool:
  3. I don't know what to say, I'm not saying that anybody is wrong here, I appreciate everyones input, i'm just saying that whatever the reason I can now push my vdimm to 3.4v and beyond whereas before 3.3v wasn't possible.
  4. yes it is, but that's not the solution to the problem. I flashed to the TicTac 5/04 bios and now I have no trouble adjusting my vdimm above 3.3v without upping my 3.3v rail. Thanks for the input guys but looks like the bios was the solution.
  5. so are you guys saying that I am not going to be able to run over 3.2v simply by having a modded vdimm bios such as Tmods 6/23 or TicTacs 5/04? I see the point in getting the OCZ Booster but I don't want to use 512mb of 1Gb just for the sake of getting over 3.2v in. Know what i mean? Somebody please tell me that the 250Gb can put in more than 3.2v simply by a different bios.
  6. Thanks for the input wil. I know that I need more vdimm for this stuff but my problem is getting there. My board gives me issues when I try to supply the vdimm with anything over 3.2v.
  7. Anybody every try using BH5 and vdimm over 3.2v on this bios? For some reason I get a system hang of one type or another whenever I put the vdimm over 3.2v. I am thinking about flashing to a modified older bios with a vdimm mod and see if it allows me to push it higher. Anybody have any experience with this problem though?:confused:
  8. Thanks wil, great input. What exactly does the 3.3v rail feed aside from the ram? My PSU does have adjustable rails as well.
  9. I haven't posted here in a while but I came back because I know this is probably one of the best places to get an answer. I recently acquired some G.Skill BH5 but I am having problems getting it stable @ 250MHz. That though is the less insignificant problem, I would be able ot get to 250 if I could get my vdimm up past 3.2v. I am using the TMod 6/23 bios which allows up to 4v on the vdimm but as soon as I go 3.3v or over I get "detecting raid array" message and then reboot or the system will just hang. I am debating just reflashing to an older bios with a vdimm mod and see if it works. Anybody have any suggestions? :confused: I have alrady tried upping the northbridge voltage and changing agp to 67 with no success. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  10. Haven't been around since the "dfi-street" was dropped but know this is still a good resource for info so maybe you kind folks can help out a DDR oc noob. I just recently obtained a set of 2x512 G.Skill F1-3200BWU2 and I'm having trouble getting them much above 211MHz. I know that BH5 eats volts for breakfast lunch and dinner but they are failing to pass even 211 @ 3v right now. Any of you have similar experience with BH5 or some setup info specifically for this stuff that you could share with me? Thanks much ahead of time!
  11. Does anybody know if the 250Gb supports a 3700 co stepping? I have a guy asking me and I really don't know. Thanks ahead of time! :tooth:
  12. have you tried reading the OC Guide? Check it out if you haven't, should answer almost all of your questions. (It is a link under my sig)
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