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  1. Am checking out the intel boards and ZZF and see these two versions XBX2KR XBXLKR anyone know the difference? Is it just some minor revisions? thanks opteron 165 ccbbe 0615 DFI Lanparty ultra-D 2 80gig hitachi hdd raid 0 ocz plat elites ocz game xtreme xfx 7900 gtx
  2. look in manual it tells what the leds mean. try one stick ram in top orange slot cleare cmos then tryu boot.
  3. Hello, Just got my Opteron 165 CCBBE 0615DPMW from zzf today and will put it in this weekend. I have updated to the new official bios; will this be enough to just plug and play? I will replace the X2 in my sig. Any other prelims I should be aware of? thanks -Danz :nod:
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