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  1. Hi tytlyf , Man, Your Rig looks Awesome! You did a great job with the wiring. I really enjoyed the pics..... I wish more people posted pics. of their Rigs. LoBo
  2. Thanks.....AVG for FREE sounds great :nod: !
  3. Hi Guys, Whats the best anti-virus program to run that won`t choke down my systems performance?
  4. Hi farris, I went with the Zalman CNPS9500 LED Cooler because I liked it`s unique design...lol. Plus it cools about as good as my sons SI-120 w/120mm fan on top. Since we both run the same board, I would say the SI-120 is better, because the air flows over the board shaving a few degrees off of it as well. The xp90 seems to be the all around favorite on this board. You will love the ram, I just got mine in and it runs great! If you decide to go with the OCZ 520ADJSLI PowerStream make sure it will fit in that case. The OCZ is a little longer than normal, and could have trouble clearing the top case fan.....ask me how I know
  5. Hi Hudson, I`m sorry to hear you are having problems. Today was the first that I actually got to play COD2 on my new build after receiving a OCZ 520ADJSLI PowerStream power supply. I`m still not anywhere close to being done though. I`m only running one 512 ram chip, while waiting on a 2 gig replacement, so I can certainly Sympathize with you. Not wishing to get flamed, but have you tried the power supply? These board only seem to like the OCZ 520sli . My Enermax 600 sli ran everything hot until it died within twenty four hours. I hope you get it up and running soon, and back to the games that you enjoy .
  6. HEADSUP>>>>>>OCZ Powerstream 520W sli Is Longer than normal power supply by about three quarters of an inch. Check to make sure it will fit in your case.
  7. OCZ Powerstream 520W sli !!!!!!! I went with the 600 Watt enermax sli, and it failed the first day! There is a high rate of failure on newegg as well. As you can see by my sig I`m taking my own advice. Mine should be here in a few hours. Enermax cost me a week of down time, plus I still haven`t received rma status.
  8. Thanks to all that responded . The two 80GB Hitachi`s may be what I end up with, if the Maxtors don`t workout. My son is running a 80GB Hitachi in his DFI NF4 SLI-DR , Athlon 3500 wOCZ Gold 2x512MB, and it runs like a top. So, I know the Hitachi is fast, and compatible.
  9. I have noticed that many here are running 2 x 80GB Hitachi @ RAID 0 . Do these smaller drives give better performance than the larger drives? I have two Maxtor 10`s @ Raid 0 250gb and was wondering if I would be better off with 2 x 80GB Hitachi`s. After finding the Maxtor problem thread I`m getting paranoid. Probably just to much time to think while waiting on my new parts to come in, but still would like to know. Heck, I want this thing to run so bad I might buy`em just for back up. LoBo
  10. Thanks for your opinion Martin ! The wait is killing me :drool: . I`m about to break weak and go for the Gold EL, while the rebate is still there. (expires today on newegg). I`m thinking the wait won`t be worth it because overclocking results for my processor (non-FX San Diego core) did not do as well as the others. So , the Gold EL will probably be just as good for me. Anybody else got something to add before I hit the trigger? Thanks......... LoBo
  11. Hi InterHat, This is the type of feedback I Need brother, because I`m trying to get this rig up and running as quickly, and easily as I can. Not wanting to sacrifice Gaming performance though.
  12. Hi Reinvented, Thanks for answering, and especially thanks for the bios tip. Hey, you wouldn`t happen to have a good link to the OCZ OCZ5002048EBPE-K would you?
  13. Hi Guy`s, I`m still searching for the best Gaming Memory to put in my new build. Gaming performance is a must, second to overclocking. Stability, and Compatibility is also a main concern, as I have already RMA`ed two parts. Please give me some advice. After reading the review below I`m not sure what to do. As you can see in my sig I have the non-FX San Diego core. Just read a review that say`s that the Platinum PC4000 EB 2GB has some some issues. Quote from article: "With the memory running at a maximum overclock of 275MHz-280MHz, games would artifact or become unstable. There is also another problem regarding the integrated memory controller of AMD Athlon 64 processors. Many enthusiasts are encountering different overclocking results with different processors. The worst seems to be the non-FX San Diego core."End quote. RGone has a good thread here that seems to point to the Gold EL for Gaming Performance, and Compatibility. Interestingly enough this is what I started to go with from the start. Last but not least the Gold EL (OCZ OCZ5002048ELGE-K) is in stock, and of course the Platinum EB (OCZ OCZ5002048EBPE-K) is still back ordered until at least the 25th. Which makes it even harder when your newbuild is sitting in the dust. I`m sorta at the point that I just want it to run good, and Stable. What ya`ll think ? LoBo
  14. Thanks for your speedy reply bodee . I`m going to order it now. Hopefully, I will find the right Ram soon.
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