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  1. go for it. I think you mean not to install windows when it's oc'd, just formatting won't matter. Installing winders on an oc'd compy can mess it up a bit methinks...
  2. Come on, anything else? I did go ahead and buy that evercool chipset fan everyone talks about. Mine had started sounding like a chainsaw.
  3. I've checked it, all the cords are in place. My chipset fan has stopped working I noticed, and the heatsink is pretty hot. could this be overheating?
  4. No answer, but bumping because I'd like to know too.
  5. So, for about a week now, I've been afraid to turn off my computer. Sometimes, when I boot up, I will get the one OK bios beep, and it displays CPU detected: AMD Athlon 64 3700+, but does not continue from there (next display being the memory check). I have tested the memory (put another stick in this computer and putting my memory in another computer) and no luck. Right now, all I do is turn off, turn on over and over until it boots. Something I noticed was that on a normal boot, while it is still posting and booting, I just press the power button and it shuts off, but when it hangs, I have to hold the power button for 5 sec. like in windows...hmmmm. Oh, and my front panel diagnostic lights go DOWN from 4..3..2..1..off. I've tried the "safe boot" jumper, no luck. :sad:
  6. This appears to most definatly be a PSU gone bad, or maybe it just isn't putting out enough power. I have had this problem many times, and I have come to believe that it happens whilst gaming because of the GPU needing more power via the PCI-X 6 pin connector, which puts too much of a load on the PSU. Can you get your hands on a replacement?
  7. No, I'm trying OCCT now, then I'll run prime95. Results to come
  8. I am running the system in my sig, and it was able to run for a good 2-3 days straight without reboot, but today I have had 5 BSODs saying something about memory dump and bad address (lasts about a seccond, so I can't read much). This really blows, any ideas on what's causing it? The memory ran memtest fine for hours. It auto-detects at 3-6-6-8 or something, but I believe that is a bug I read about because stock speeds are 2-3-3-6, which I have set in Genie. IDK if that is the prob, but I doubt it as I have had the system running for about 2 weeks now and this is the first problem.
  9. I built the rig in my sig, and have the FrontX panel connected to the mobo the only way possible (empty spot on connector to empty spot on mobo), but when I turn on my computer, 1 light shows up, then it goes blank in a few secconds. My computer is fine and all, windows boots, so I don't know what the prob is? any takers?
  10. Mobo

    SI-120 and 3700+ w/o fan?

    Well, I'm an idiot. I have the TT Kandalf, which had 4 120mm fans!! I'll take 1 off and put it on the HS. Duh!!!
  11. Mobo

    SI-120 and 3700+ w/o fan?

    What do you reccomend, motherboard monitor or something else? Does Nvidia's Ntune control panel monitor heat?
  12. Hey, I am setting up the compy in my sig, and I have everything but the fan for the heatsink (Thermalright SI-120), and I was wondering if it would be OK to set everything up and start loading programs. It would only be on for 3-5 hours. What do you think? The fan comes on Thursday, and I really don't wanna wait till then so install (lan on friday).
  13. Mobo

    whats UT means?

    The UT is just like a "lite version" which doesn't come with the frontx panel, carrying strap, and only 2 sata cables.
  14. Well, it seems to be just a list of BIOSes, like an archive. Nothing new there.