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  1. Hi all, Have a question for anyone using the DFI-Expert board. I have 1 7950 dual gpu 1 gig card, and want to get a second. My question is who, that has this expert board, is using 2 7950's as of right now? Is it working properly? How bottlenecked is the mobo since is doesnt have 2 X16 slots? Need to decide when I upgrade if I should just get another card, or get a new mobo as well. Thanks for your help..
  2. Yeah, I have heard of matrox. But I'd love a definate answer on whether 2 7950's could do 4 outputs.
  3. Hey guys, I'm searching frantically on how best to approach my present problem. Any help would be appreciated. I am working on a project coming up that will require me to send an image to a screen that will be 15' high by 75' long and will be 5429X1080. This screen will be projected by 4 high lumen digital projectors that will be blended together with a professional switching system. What i'm trying to get done is have a photoshop image that will be that resolution and will be sent out 4 ways (1 to each projector) so that it will look correct and cover the entire screen. The production of this image is taken care of, as is the blending between projectors, but what my concern is is what card could I use that could do 4 separate outputs to set up like desktop extensions? At present I have a dfi-expert mobo and 1 Evga 7950 1 gig gfx card. If I bought a second one and put it SLI would I be able to do what i'm trying to do? Or do I need to go with a graphics-specific card like a quadro to get the 4 outputs. By the way, it will be all digital so it will be 4 dvi-d's i'd need out from the computer. This might be a tough one, i'm not sure, but any help I could get would be greatly appreciated. -Dan
  4. Thanks, and that was one of the things I thought might be an option.. I appreciate the help, and no offense, but i'd really like to hear that from someone who has more posts then this and is kind of a staple in this community.. I'm playing with 2500 bucks here, and don't want to do anything i'm not supposed to until I hear from an expert that I should... Anyone on here like a MOD? or a regular member agree with this? or have any other suggestions?
  5. Hey guys, I have been posting that when I get on games that after a while they either crash to the desktop or make the computer reboot the entire system.. I was thinking this was due to a faulty gfx card, but under the direction of the forum I decided to try further testing before I RMA'd the card.. When I first set this computer up, I ran memtest86 as directed out of the case for each stick of ram a few times then I ran memtest on both sticks a couple times.. I obviously didn't run the memtest enough because after running prime95 (set up properly on the torture test on both cores) for 24 hours(which by the way ran flawlessly..everything passed) I ran memtest right after overnight (approx. 8 hours), and guess what -- ERRORS! Here's my specs on the system bios and memtest as of now(check computer specs in sig) I'm at a loss now.. what do the experts suggest? increase voltage of the ram? could this really be the problem? please break this down as best you guys can.. I'm far from computer incompetent, but this mobo is new to me as are these tests. Settings - RAM - 200mhz (DDR401) / CAS - 2.5-3-2-5 / Dual Channel (128 Bits) Voltage - 2.66v MEMTEST86 WallTime - 7:45 Cashed - 2047m Rsvdmem - 276m Memmap - e820-std Cache - on ECC - off Test - std Pass - 10 Errors - 11 Stopped on Test #8 of this pass. TsT Pass Failing Address Good Bad Err-Bits Count Chan ---- ------ -------------------------------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ------- 7 0 000533a2754 - 1331.1MB 4dc97484 49c97484 04000000 1 7 0 000292030a4 - 658.1MB 44aff935 44aef935 00010000 1 7 1 000533a2754 - 1331.1MB ce814787 ca8147b7 04000000 1 7 2 000292030a4 - 658.1MB b35f3d42 b35e3d42 00010000 3 7 4 000533a2754 - 1331.1MB 0ebe87d9 0abe87d9 04000000 2 7 7 000292030a4 - 658.1MB 0f5fce98 0f5ece98 00010000 1 7 7 000533a2754 - 1331.1MB 0e51dac 0a51d3ac 04000000 2 Please keep in mind the above error chart I got from memtest86 was hand written on a piece of paper at 5 in the morning before I left work so I might have miswrote a letter here or there, but thats pretty accurate... Please guys, what are your suggestions? increase voltage? RMA the memory? Could this be the reason my games are crashing to desktop or completely restarting the computer? EXPERTS!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!
  6. you have a link to artitool? doesnt show up on google search... Also, the ps is fine.. get great power everywhere with no problem.. the OCZ powerstream is a beast.
  7. Yes, bios is up to date per sig. I have not touched the bios with anything manual yet.. I guess I can try, but i'm worried i'm just going to get deeper and deeper into crap if I do... Anyone else think this is a good idea? or just rma the board...
  8. Hey guys, This is a follow up to my last post.. made a new one because I think it will get a more direct response... My computer while gaming will either crash to desktop or once in a while completely reboot the entire system regardless of what game it is.. I have done the X2 hotfix, and I updated the gfx card drivers to the beta ones to see if it was more stable.. nothing has worked.. To ensure every game i've tried hasnt been buggy (bf2 daoc fear cod2 etc etc) I decided to get the pro version of 3dmark06 and stress test it overnight on a loop... When I woke up today there was an error and it said the n4 or nv4 driver(didnt write it down) has stopped working and it made me reboot the system... I don't think there's anything else I can do, right? is it time for a rma? I have stressed out the processor and the memory on memtest86 and prime95 for 24hrs+ with no problems at all.. in fact the computer has only frozen once or twice ever when just on and surfind the internet or something.. happened to my wife.. only time I get problems is during games... Let me know what you guys think.. It's not a big deal to RMA.. I just want the system to work for games which is why I bought it.. -Gyn P.S. I have not overclocked ANYTHING yet.. nothing at all.. haven't tweaked a single setting.. yes CnQ is off...
  9. Talk about a hijacked thread lol... What I find interesting is that your helping the second poster in this thread and not me.. go create a new thread if its not on my topic, ty. I will try the drivers from that place, but I'm doubtful that will help.. why not though. i'll let you know how it goes... Unfortunately it's sounding to me like a bad video card that just craps out after an hour or so.. I am still in RMA timeframe with newegg so might do that if this driver thing doesnt help and/or I do not get any more ideas from people here. Thanks! -Gyn
  10. I'm using the latest ones like I said in the first post.. I don't have the number on me as i'm at work and not at home.. I always keep my drivers up to date. As far as the FEAR problem... doesn't matter to me as it's not just fear that the problem. Did you read my initial post? I do however appreciate the insight of the silencer 5, but like I said in my initial post it doesn't seem to be a temp issue.. the card is not running that hot, but if I end up returning the 7800 for another 7800 I will most likely get that as well.. never hurts, right! Anyone else have ideas as to what this could be?
  11. Hey all, Well I posted a lot to let you know how the build was going.. The computer is great with the exception of one problem.. When it comes to gaming, after an hour to three, It freezes, it crashes to desktop and it's done a complete system reboot. I'm wondering if the graphics card might be defective... computer has passed on everything with flying colors(memtest86 and prime95). One thing thats happened before that i've noticed is if I tried to run 2 instances of Dark Age of Camelot on that computer(I know it's not supported) it will eventually crash and say something along the lines of a memory core dump, and that I need to free up memory.. I have 256meg of video memory and 2 gig of ram. I only saw the memory thing once when I ran one instance of the game.. usually it simply freezes.. or crashes to desktop, and twice a complete system reboot. Another thing I notice is when I have every single bit of graphics turned up after playing a bit the little patches of grass on the ground start blinking... usually a sign it's about to fail.. only those tiny patches everywhere are what blinks though. Dark Age of Camelot is not the only problem though.. It's happened on games like BF2 and Fear/CoD2 as well.. either a freeze crash to desktop or reboot. As of right now I have not tweaked anything in the bios.. everything has been running great, but I wanted to make sure everything was 100% before I continued.. The other thing to note is it's definately not a temperature problem.. yes the gfx card gets hotter than anything else in the case, but nothing to justify this. Please let me know if you think this is something fixible or if it could be a defective graphics card.. all my drivers are of course up to date.. I'm fairly computer competent, but i'm at a loss for whats going on here.
  12. Hey guys, Well i've made quite a few posts on the progress of my build, and i'm confident now that this rig is 100% stable... The final test was yesturday when I did hard-core gaming for 8 hours straight.. I played bf2 with all max settings and it didn't hiccup once.. Want to know the funny part? once I quit bf2 and was done for the night I noticed prime95 had been running the entire time!!! lol... I can't imaging much more testing is needed... But here's my dilema.. Should I even bother to overclock? I've tried CoD2 Fear BF2 and DAoC with all max settings and nothing is giving my computer even remote problems.. I mean I bought this board to overclock with but it's looking like I just don't need to overclock it.. everything is so fast anyway.. Is there any benefit to overclocking in my situation? Love to hear from you guys!!! Thanks, -Gyn
  13. Not even a contest, OCZ powerstream 520w rocks.. it's quite, and the power distribution is incredible.. I was skeptical getting this even though it was the most recommended just because OCZ made it(thought they only made memory) but DAMN this thing rocks. Couldn't praise a ps higher than this one.
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