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  1. Hi all, Just got my shiny new Lian-Li PC-V1200+ case Does anyone know if there's problems fitting an XP-120 into this case? Any comments are greatly appreciated, tia
  2. Hi all, I know, it sounded like a dumb question. Thanks for the comments
  3. Hi all, Just curoius as to if anyone tried flipping the cpu fan around to have it blowing away from cpu hs vs. blowing towards? I was planning to try this with my cpu fan as well as with case fans, just checking if anyone has tried with success or not.
  4. Can somebody post their BIOS settings? I just need to see and compare where I messed up, tia
  5. Hi all, Just re-mounted the CPU & HS last night, this time using AS-5. Ran dual prime for about 8 hours, temps are now ranging at: CPU: 38-44 PWM IC: 56-62 CHIPSET: 44-48 Temps still seem a little high but much better than before :nod: Can somebody post their settings please, I'd really like to see how you pro's do it
  6. Hi there, Oops, my poor choice of words those are my loading (boot-up) and idle temps. These temps kicked in as soon as I logged into Windows. I ran dual prime for about 3 hours, then I had to shut it down. It was getting really hot and I was getting really worried. CPU: 62 - 68 PWMIC: 70 - 78 CHIPSET: 55- 60 Everything's on air, I have a cheap case with 2 fans (1 front / 1 back) and the stock AMD HSF & motherboard. But it seems nobody uses the stock HS. You used AS 5 on the nothbridge chip also? Maybe I should re-install the CPU or upgrade to HS & fan. Can somebody post their Genie BIOS settings? Maybe I messed up something in there also Thanks
  7. Uh-oh... then I got problems, those temps are from load to idle in celcius. To install the cpu and heatsink I just followed the directions from AMD, strange thing was out of the box the heatsink already had a thermal pad on it. Then I just followed Angry's guide and upped a few settings in the BIOS. Next thing my temps sky-rocketed! Should I re-install the cpu & hs with arctic silver and try clocking it again?
  8. Hi there, I've searched the forums and downloaded Angry's oc guide but I'm a total n00b at oc'ing and is looking for some guidance before I fry my brand new system This was my first attempt so I'm only trying to clock the cpu and get it to run stable at reasonable temps before moving to the ram as the guide suggests. I must have messed up somewhere in the bios, I don't think this is correct: -------------------------------------------------- ITE Smart Guardian -------------------------------------------------- CPU: 55-62 PWM IC: 64-70 CHIPSET: 48-52 -------------------------------------------------- Genie Bios Settings -------------------------------------------------- FSB Bus Frequency: 250 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio: Auto LDT Bus Transfer Width: 16 16 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio: x 10 PCI Express Frequency: 100Mhz K8 Cool' n' Quiet Support: Disable CPU VID StartUp Value: StartUp CPU VID Control: 1.325V CPU Specail Control: Above VID * 110% LTD Voltage Control: 1.2V Chip Set Voltage COntrol: 1.5V DRAM Voltage Control: 2.6V Any comments, suggestions or even an oc'ing step-by-step guide would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  9. Thanks again all for the tips Great, I would love to see pics of the V1000 loaded btw - I only went for the Dell 7800GTX cause it was on sale
  10. Thanks again, I was going for the OCZ Powerstream 520W, but then a few days ago I saw the Hiper Type R's on sale at NCIX for $99.99 CDN :nod: As for the Lian Li I really like the case too Now I just hope my Dell 7800GTX can fit, for some strange reason it looks almost full length :confused:
  11. Thanks everyone, The Hiper PSU itself looked like it would fit snuggly in the compartment but what got me worried was the connecters. Then it's the Lian Li PC-V1000 plus For those who have this case, what do you think of it?
  12. Hi all, I just put in my order for a new rig (see sig.) I'm still looking for a case, currently leaning towards the Lian Li PC-V1000 or V1000 plus, they're sexy But it seems there's some spacing limitations for PSU compartment. Does anyone have this case or know if the Hiper Type R would fit into this case? Any comment or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks :nod:
  13. Yeah it's big, some sort-of bracket i think. Unfortunately the sale was was for a day only so I rushed to order it. But at $449.00 CDN, what can I say
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