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  1. He said that the orange slots are going to be channel 1 and the yellow channel 2. if you are going to use one dimm, then you place it in the first orange slot.
  2. Why would it be in dual mode, are you using 2 vga cards? either way I would get it to work with 1 card first before you jump right in to sli. Your sig doesn't say that you are using 2 cards.
  3. 2.6* is as far as I can go too, I was a little disappointed.
  4. I just had a similar problem. Memtest all day and try to install windows and it would crap out (BSOD). tried swapping out everything 'cept mobo and cpu. I broke down and bought another mobo and worked fine.
  5. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Manual/lputnf4%2084750510.pdf page 59. Try reseating your cpu too.
  6. I dunno, I never tried to use my webcam on my system. Unfortunately I am experiening my own troubles with my systems so I cannot try it. Maybe uninstall that logitech software and make sure that the camera is not in the device manager, restart and try again.... Good luck.
  7. Are you talking about the led's under the pci slots? if you have four then there is a problem detecting your cpu. mine are yellow though.
  8. I think that it would. There is a 1x pciX slot between the 2 16x right? :edit: I double checked and it may be a tight fit, as the fan design may be an issue.
  9. yeah cleared cmos and the install is on different drives/array. I was going to install because I though that the OS was hosed but the issue is related to the boot up and install, I think. I wouldn't have to redo the whole array, the partition maybe, but not the array.
  10. I was using an OCZ modstream 500 when I noticed that under load my 12v would get down to low 11's. I figured I would try my antec 500 since I haven't really even used it. Before I swapped power supply's I was testing some memory setting in the bios, if I missed the post screen I would restart and try it again. Anyway I swapped the PSU's and then I try to boot into windows and sometimes it reboots right at the splash screen and sometimes it gets to the logon screen. I tried Safe Mode and Last known Config that worked. I thought that I FUBR'd my OS so I try to install. I am able to load my sata drivers and begin the install gets about halfway through the first portion and then BSOD's. Then I said maybe there is a reason I didn't use this PSU so I put the OCS back in. Same issue. I tried some gskill le's and the same thing happened. I also memtested them all night. Any idea what the problem is?
  11. I am using water cooling and have almost 0 airflow and my PWM goes to 100+ I monuted a 120mm fan on the side and its down to 85c
  12. Yes, pics please as I am having a PWM IC cooling problem too. What temps are you getting on your PWM before and after you mount the fan?
  13. I agree. I think that as long as it doesn't start making the high-pitched whine again, I will let it cook. Uninstall the "guardian" and pay no attention to the smell . Well, thanks for the response. P.S. You don't think it could be my PSU or anything else?
  14. My case has mesh on the side and I mounted a 120mm fan blowing right on it and it didn't do much. Tech support said to RMA the board, but this is the 2nd board that had this problem. This is actually the trird board I have had but never noticed the problem so I am not sure if this is common to all three. Could it be a power suppy issue as the IC's are not getting enough juice? But you are right about airflow, on the first I was using HS/F but I didn't even try to go over 1.55.
  15. I set my v to 1.550 w/+110% and it doesn't happen. It's when I raise the HTT to 250. It's steadily raises. I just exchanged the board because the last one would create a high pitched whine when it went over 75c. That was after I let it go all the way to 125c in the smart monitor. I've read that most people's don't go over 65c. Any ideas? I also put the multplier down to x6 LDT v is auto chipset v is auto CPU idle 30-32 load 42-45 Chipset idle 49 load 55-60? pwm idle 55+ load hits 85 and keeps going up I also tried the 7/something beta Bios and the 6/23 bios.
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